How do you suppose the hunters control their jetpacks?


Like is it neurological, is it a leaver system, are there buttons on their butt cheeks that they have to press, or is it controlled by farts?


I always assumed it was controlled neurally.


Hey that Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry omg.


New Lore:

  • Hunters are actually extremely lactose intolerant and gorge themselves on dairy products before a Hunt.


What about bucket then? I can’t imagine how many farts it would take to power the thunderchild.


Remember, Abe replaced his oil with bacon grease.

She’s an old lady, she’s especially affected by her lactose intolerance.


What have I just read.


There are drones nowadays that can use the electric signals in humans. There was some videos on it, but I can’t find them.


This might be the first time that I actually liked something you said haha because because I even opened the thread up …[quote=“Azmi_Anuar, post:1, topic:85281”]
controlled by farts?

I thought—they control it from their ass lol


This was in the concept art. Until told otherwise, I’m assuming that they replaced the cable with a small chip in their skull that links to the jetpack remotely. @Matthew probably knows the real method, or he could just make one up.




I vote flatulence as well.


This seems reasonable, I bet when you eat too much curry it’ll make you jump like you’re in SS mode. :laughing:


A prophecy.


Hunters are technopaths. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate neolutionists!


i would say they use their jetpacks just like jango fett uses his pack in star wars. ^^


I always just assumed the same way a segway or a hoverboard is controlled. leaning forward in flight, backwards to the left and right. most likely weight distribution.