How do you practice


I’m curious what is the best way to get better with certain characters like if you were going into solo or a custom what would you do to get better the fastest


By versing sick bastard rambo mofo monsters

like me

Joking aside, ya the only real way you will get better in this game is if your monster players force you to.


yeah that’s one way but what I meant was like when you intentionally handicap yourself like when you’re playing hank or sunny run with a lazarus that way you working on getting better at keeping your Team alive
does that make sense it might not


Your going to have to specify your request a bit more.


Just play, you’ll eventually learn the best ways to play a character.


yeah I realized I’m just trying to grasp and see if anyone has anything they do out of the ordinary I’ll probably just let this thread die it’s kind of a weird niche question


Forget solo or customs… You wanna play against real people IMO… Id say the fast track to practicing evolve is to start with trapper and get a good understanding of chasing and staying with the team… It greatly reduces this times where your the guy on your team running in the wrong direction.

From their its important to learn solid juke skills … Such as side jukes and the vertical juker… And also maintaining good skill rotation… Some people will tell you to focus nades or shotgun with Abe… But really its subjective which one is used more, as long as your not one dimensional

Lastly, positioning and coordination… Probably the most important and powerful tactics that any team can use… Its imperative that the team maintain a formation conducive to the medic mainly… And each one allows for different types of teams… And the final tactic of knowing when to swoop in to save your allies with invis or dropping the orbital on top of your downed teammate


what is this formation you speak of cause I’ve got steps one and two completed for sure we may do formations unconsciously we play laz sunny i play abe and we don’t have a preference for assault


also I’m already good I’m just never going to say that I can’t get better because you can always get better


Val- maintain spread & LOS. The monster is forced to focus on one player at a time. Allowing val to immediately heal and the other teammates to distract.

Laz- maintain spread & damage. The monster is encouraged to focus down players. While Lazarus keeps them up as best he can and attempts to bait the monster into traps. After down formation is maintained around body.With the other two (hopefully :smile:) teammates acting as bait

Caira- most versatile formation among medics. Allows teammates to play fast and loose within her LOS. Letting her simply focus on healing while others bait/damage monster. Must be ready to switch to defensive/aggressive action if caira is focused. My favorite tactic is to switch to healing made and have the whole team crowd around the monster with the damage dealers (even better with Cabot’s damage amp)… That way I can bounce healing nades off monster and heal the whole team, while were in his face.

Slim- allows the team to play fast and loose. The team must be wary of trap pounces/plants/tyrants though. The only concession to that statement is that slim is the crux of the teams constant healing… And each teammate must really be fully dedicated to supporting slim at all times to really benefit from his constant small HB


Heck your prob better than me :blush:


doesn’t mean that I’m more tactical
outside looking in man it’s crazy what one will see
what you think bout Abe


I choose the team comp I have the most trouble with. I usually don’t raise the difficulty but I’ve been thinking about doing that, now that you mention.


By experience, just play.


but when you go into a pub game and smash are you really getting better at anything other than walking your pet wraith that put 3 in decoy


I don’t know, the only was I know to hone my skills is to play the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s with friends, with randoms, solo or whatever. The more I play the better I get.


I practice in solo to better my strategies and to see what weaknesses can be exploited by those strategies. Then I’ll try to see if there’s anything to do to make those exploits worthless. I also like to try to come up with new combos and see how I can’t make it so I take the least amount if damage while giving out the most damage.


Go into pvp and trial by fire. Best way to learn is fight real people in actual situations. Not such a scary thing to mess up or lose occasionally. You’ll be better for it.




Yeah, it’s hard to articulate but I just got better and better by playing. Same with really any other game - I never found myself actively trying to the game mechanics. Sure, routes to run, specific strategies, etc. but I pick up game mechanics very quickly. So yeah, I watch videos online (MaddCoww’s community coaching videos are good), read stuff on the forums, and just play the game.

I find when I’m up against a very sneaky Monster, it pushes me to work on my tracking skills, even if I’m not the Trapper. Gotta look for everything, broken trees, bodies, a single footprint. If I’m up against a very combat-focused Monster, it forces me to manage my dodges while dealing/mitigating damage myself, depending on the class. If I’m playing against a terrible Monster it just gives me a chance to rofl-stomp them into the ground. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: