How do you pick?


I play Trapper mainly when I’m a hunter, and I try to tell what the monster player will pick by past games, his/her badge, or I will try to pick a trapper that complements the team. However, I notice people not really showing love for the trappers, going for their elite Laz and Cabots, totally disregarding that we Trappers need to prioritise speed and mobility to dome the monster. I have nothing against Laz/Cabot, (Laz is great when in experienced hands), but being revived with 0 strikes or having x2 damage is meaningless if we lose the domes in 15 seconds because I have no shields or heals.

So, I’m curious. How do people pick their hunters?

Do you try to predict what the monster will be?

Do you just pick your favourite class character, or whatever you feel like playing at that moment?

Do you wait to see what the other members of your team will pick before finalizing your choice?


In my core group of players, we usually co ordinate team compositions to compliment each other better. If we’re just playing for fun, we’ll choose whatever role we feel like.
If it’s a proper match where we’re playing to win, we’ll go with our best classes and characters.


I pick the one I feel like playing. Unless we’re going for a very specific comp or strategy to experiment with, I play who I want, for fun. I usually play support, which means I tend to swap between Sunny and Bucket, but lately I’ve been playing trapper and swapping between Maggie and Abe.

That said, I will switch things up if I think a certain choice would be better - i.e. if we’re running Val then I will run a defensive support, or whatever.


Confession time: I KAI confess that I choose hunters based on what others have picked… but only to hear the pre-drop conversations O.o

(but lately I go as assault so, I try to get the monster’s attention off the trapper as well as trying to kill it ^^)


Seeing as the point of the game is to have fun I pick my hunters based off whom I’m most comfortable with. But balancing that with your friends choices is also important if you want to have a chance at winning. I have found many unexpected team comps that work well because of this Lol


I mostly play assault now so what I pick doesn’t matter a whole lot. I pick Markov for defend and Torvald for any other time. I used to play medic and trapper but those jobs are too annoying to play now. People attack dangerous wildlife which makes the medic’s job a nightmare and nobody attempts to protect the trapper. When I was trapper I preferred Griffin. The harpoon gun is a perfect counter to the kraken and can help melt a monster’s health bar


I pick the one that looks the most like a dinosaur/transformer! Wait… we’re talking about hunters?

I pick whatever hunter counters the monster I know the player is good at (I usually play with friends, I can’t get MM to work at ALL) I predict because I know how these players think, how they play, and what they choose. I would pick whatever suits my team best (combos, etc.). And yes, I do wait to see what others pick before I lock in.

[quote=“xTr1ckOrTr3atx, post:1, topic:57351”]
x2 damage
[/quote]Are you talking about damage amp? I thought you were talking about Laz’s sniper rifle… which has a 1.5x damage on each weakspot.


I pick whoever the heck I want to play.
You playing Laz?
So? I’ll play Markov and place mines 30 meters away from where you need them.
You want to play Bucket?
I’ll go Maggie!
And I’ll play someone if I want to Elite them.
But I pick whoever the heck I want to elite! :stuck_out_tongue:


Val is the only viable choice :slight_smile:


I pick whatever I wanna play. Running a character that I love or am working on has a lot to do with my fun level. Where the lobby impacts me is in my perk. If someone chooses Val or Laz, I feel I have to go with the health regen perk, for example, to stay in the game and dealing damage, trapping or supporting. Those characters CAN be played very well, but I rarely see it.


All of the above.

I often change hunter to avoid boredom and I usually think about who I think the monster will be as well as who would work with my teammates.

As monster though: GOLIATH MONSTER RACE! :goliath_roar:


As a Monster main, I switch between every Monster around. Wraith - Behe - Wraith - Goliath - etc. you never know :stuck_out_tongue:
As Hunter I play whats missing.

(Im a random player and it was always the best way for me)


I pick based on what my team picks most of the time. Like if someone plays Val, you might go Hank to make it easier for the team to survive or something. If someone goes Sunny, you might take Griffin. If someone takes Cabot, you’d take a higher damage assault.

It mostly depends on your team comp.


Wow, I didn’t expect so many people to just go with their favourite. I guess if you’re comfortable with that character, and have a strategy to combat each monster with that character, then it will still help the team though. Griffin might be a great choice against many monsters, but in hands he might as well be an old man past his prime.

What do you think about when you see someone with a badge that has a wraith or that weird zombie icon thing (another one that is unlocked through wraith mastery), or something like that? Would you assume a high probability that that person will pick wraith as their monster? Do you just not care to notice?


I’m sorry for being blunt, but you are playing Evolve wrong.

I suggest playing some other roles to get some perspective, especially medic. That will teach you to not relie on shields and healing. My best tip when it comes to learning dodging, is to play Lazarus in public games.
How long you survive will be directly up to your dodging skills, so you will learn much quicker.
Hank works too, since you won’t be shielding yourself. :wink:


Strategically i go with whatever class seems to need the most attention. Unless im in a serious match with good players im usually put with lvl 10 randoms (im a lvl 31 thank you very much) and usually ill take over the support class since no noobs know how to dust tag or throw a shield drone. My.favorite class is assault but only because i love fucking shit up :raised_hands:


I play all the classes except assault, and I do know how to dodge. The problem is, there’s only so much I can do. I don’t have the option of healing myself up, cloaking or shielding. When a monster focuses the trapper, and he gets no support, he will go down. Then the dome will too. Monster players know that I’m the most valuable target, even if assault is dealt nig heavy damage. The sooner the trapper is down, the sooner he can escape. I know because I thought no the same.


most of the time I pick just whoever I want at the moment cuz I play for fun…but when I really want to win I pick according to what all the other hunters on my team pick. my main pick are caira val…Maggie crow…hank bucket…and hyde marcov…I play laz and slim randomly and cabot whenever I am in a cabot mood haha (cabot and val are my favs)


I know of many trapper players that don’t need spesefic characters to survive, Hank and Caira, tough.
You can’t be mad at them for picking Val and Cabot if you die, that’s your own fault for relying on two spesefic characters.


I never said I needed a hank/caira combo. That stuff is too OP. And, I’m not mad at them for picking Laz and Cabot. I’m not relying on two specific characters (as mentioned prior). I should mention, I wasn’t digging at the Laz/Cabot combo specifically, but any support that doesn’t shield (because let’s face it… Random Supports don’t ever cloak the trapper… They just wanna do their thing)

Slim and Val are good enough to support a trapper if the Support is Cabot or Bucket.
Hank and Sunny are good enough to support a trapper if the Medic is Laz.

Heck, if the support would cloak me, then I would have no problems with Bucket or Cabot being with Laz. But often times, that doesn’t happen. I can dodge and dodge, but if that one heavy skill hits me, or I run out of jetpack at the wrong time, poof. I’m toast.

Now, I don’t like to lose. When I play (even if they ARE randoms) I will try to pick the trapper that I think will fit best with the team. I will pick the perk that will let that trapper shine. That becomes hard when I need to choose hp regen over something that might help me keep up with a movement speed perked goliath, or dodge a lightning strike.

If you’re telling me you know a lot of trappers that can survive the length of a dome (because that should be the goal of a trapper) with Laz plus a Support that doesn’t 1) cloak, 2) shield AND 3) jetpack boost, a trapper, and the monster is actively trying to get OUT of the dome (because if he wants the fight, he’ll prefer knowing that they’re all inside and none have run away.) Then I must ask for some vids or links to them, so that I can learn some things. [No sarcasm, just to be sure you don’t misunderstand].

[I’m kinda going off topic on my own topic… I apologize…]