How do you "peel" the monster off the medic without a shield support?


The go to tactic I have seen is the monster charging and knocking the medic out of position and just hammering him down. Without a support with shield projector the medic just pops very very quickly at which point it becomes a slow slaughter in the dome or the monster just running away and evolving.


Harpoons and jack’s repulser are two options which can work. The other is sheer efficiency, I.E. good kiting, good damage, good dodging, ETC.


The short answer is damage.

Medics are one of the best supported characters in the game. They often have their own utilities, self heals, trapper cc, support shield bursts, and often assault utilities.

Supports that can’t augment defense directly with their kit augment damage.

Damage makes a monster stop and think twice. Do enough damage by the time you go through the other resources and the monster has to back off.


To attempt to clarify what @AscendedOne and @Sidewaysgts have said, you can counter with damage. If you have a Cabot or a Kala, you can increase the damage to the monster pretty heavily. If the monster is focusing your healer then punish, punish, punish. There isn’t much you can do to stop the monster so you have to make the monster pay for the focus if he doesn’t break off. If you’ve got a Bucket, you can do some punishing with turrets and you can also recharge your healer’s healing burst to allow them to survive longer. All supports also have the shield burst and Bucket can use his twice if needed.

Yes, the monster might kill your healer, but if your healer is decent enough to evade and heal long enough you can easily take out a monster with the remaining 3 hunters in a lot of instances or injure it enough to scare it away while your healer drops back in.


I guess that answers the question of who the real monsters are…


True, the best defence is offence, up to a certain extend, but for a stage one monster, i would say yes most of the time.

Ive notice , especially new players do lack of “attack” power, as a whole/team. Maybe they rely on “assault” in dealing damage. Damaging monster is part of trapper/support/medic duty too.

I would say in this order : Assault - Trapper - Support - Medic ( depends on the character you play- of course a slim would have higher dps sometimes ) you know my point…


This why I shouldn’t be allowed to post comments at 1:30am.

Yea, if you have an offense heavy team and you allow the monster to reach Stage 3 then chances are you’ve been outmatched and you aren’t going to win.


I disagree, you made me laugh. Amuse me…


The thing is I’m either assault or trapper and whenever the monster starts going deep on the medic it takes all of ~30 seconds (without a shield support) for the monster to kill the medic. In that time we can usually knock down his armor and 2-3 bars of health but this isn’t sustainable as the monster will only get stronger and the hunters weaker. So long as the monster has 1 hp out of 9000 he is as deadly as if he was undamaged and it gets to the point where even though the monster only has 2 or 3 bars left the medic is also on their last legs and will get one shot.


A medic needs to do the hard work when it comes to saving themselves. They need to jetpack at the right times, head towards or away from the right people, and generally make it tough for the monster.

Then hard cc trappers come in to play, they can stop the big attacks or traversal, they can give the medic the seconds they need to get away.

Soft cc trappers aren’t so great with newbie medics, but one your medic does learn to dodge and juke, having a monster that has to rely on traversal to keep up the pressure because of stasis can work surprisingly well.

Also, assault just putting pressure on and getting in the way.

Remember it isn’t the end of the world if your medic goes down as long as you are punishing the monster too!


This, I can’t stress enough this. EVEN if you don’t stop a monster from getting a strike, you are punishing the monster. The entire game is about trading HP as a resource against strikes. That is the real war of attrition. If you constantly spend 2 bars of HP per strike, that means the hunters will likely win because you will run out of HP before they run out of strike potential.


Agreed. :grinning:


This. Just as he and other’s are emphasizing, you trade strikes for raw hp. The idea is to make the monster pay a more costly amount of hp than you do.


Its hard with randoms, since you yourself doesnt play medic, and its a hard road of chance to walk on when your runnin with randoms. If your medic is bad, its guna be a hard fight. An by bad i dont mean they cant heal. Because medic is morw then just healing. Medic is also all about the jukes, mitigation, amd survivability. Without those your ability to heal is a moot point.


The Trapper is your peeler. Abe’s stasis grenades, Maggie’s harpoon turrets, Griffith’s harpoon gun, etc.