How do you land the kracken PC?


I can’t figure out at all how to land the kraken. it sux cuz sometimes i get stuck against a wall or can’t go through a tunnel while running from hunters cuz i can’t lower my kracken to the ground. so how do you land the kraken when you are flying and no longer want to fly and drop to the ground?


Whatever the crouch key is.


Yeah crouch key, but his landing is sometimes painfully long :smiley:


Seems to me he drops faster if you hold it.


By default the crouch key is Ctrl.


thats the thing. there is no crouch key binding in the evolve key binding menu! no crouch key binding available.


Try “ctrl”-key.


Is the sneak button, if you don’t have it then how the hell have you played as monster? 0_o


well there we go numnuts. where else is this thread have you seen someone else say that its the sneak button? i dont know if your blind, but every other post in this thread says its the crouch button to where the “crouch” button does not exist in this game. If it is the sneak button do you have to hold it down or just press it?


Hold it down, in my experience.


Hold it down, at least that’s what I do to get down fast with the Kraken and there is no need for attitude :confused:


Crouch is sneak…


got an attitude do to your offensive response. how the hell have i played as the monster. well theres a button called the “sneak button” that i use quite often. sorry that no where did i see in the options the word crouch, nor did i see anywhere that sneak is crouch or vice versa.


“0_o” <---- that made my post friendly, but ok, I hope you found out how to do it and it’s better to say sneak than crouch lol


Sneak button.


thanks, i havent used the kraken yet but i will in the next few days or by nights end. been using the goliath that seems to be the only monster i can win with. i lose with kraken and wraith pretty easily.


Too much contradicting in one sentence. So have you or have you not played the Kraken at all? You say you lose with Kraken and Wraith pretty easily but your first line states that you’ve not even used it at all. Lol.


It’s kind of obvious bro. What other button allows the monster to crouch down? Take a chill pill bro.


I mean, seriously any basic gamer knows that crouching is set by default to either C or Ctrl button in almost every game.


sorry didnt know that. im not a gaming geek bro. so thats why i came here was to find out, obviously duh?

in the beginnin all anyone had to say was the “sneak button” and i would have known right away. i’m not a geeky gamer that plays 20 different games and live on the pc playing games so yea i needed a geeky gamer to tell me i guess.

yes i’ve played as kraken for 3 days and could never figure out how to land him. but finally after jeremy said the sneak button i knew exactly what button it was. i almost had the hunters beat so many times with the kraken but when i’d run out of my abilitys i’d want to drop to ground and pounce on them trying to revive there dead teammates, but i couldnt i’d have to stay up in the air and just watch there teammates being revived after i’d slaughter them and my abilities were drained.