How do you guys like the Evolve Companion App so far?


I gotta say - I never thought I’d like it but I really do! It’s really cool concept that you can unlock stuff before the game is even out and the game mechanics are not half-bad either! A bit of resource management, using abilities etc… I can see myself spending quite a while playing it!

Replays will be also useful (though I can’t see myself using that feature).

Anyone managed to beat Chapter 2, Area 2, Level 5 in mobile app?

Yeah, let us know what you guys think of it!
Must admit, I’m a sucker for match 3 games.


My favourite part is the replays and I enjoy those match 3 type games so I see myself using it as a time waster when I’m waiting for a match to start or other stuff instead of playing angry birds


I can already see people posting some funny replays where they just keep chasing the monster running in circles around the map, hehe.

I really like everything about it so far. The bestiary is pretty cool to unlock (and I never learnt how beasts are named so now I will finally know) and progressing your characters in the PC version is just amazing. Really gives it more meaning.


I don’t have a good cellphone -.-


Not a giant match-3 fan, but they can be fun. Doesn’t seem bloated with ads or pay2win stuff so that’s great.

What I really love is the replay. I’ve been wanting that feature since the alpha. I also usually only play assault so ways to give boosts to the other classes is quite nice.


Once you get to chapter two, you end up having to replay levels (farm) a fair amount. A single hit from kraken floors my team of hunters, but now that I’m half way through it they can barely survive if they’re all full health.

Also, the drop rate of uncommon/rare bones makes completing the bestiary rather time consuming. I’m hoping that chapter three and four have raised drop rates.

As for the mastery, it’s great. You get the perfect amount in drops to complete the characters. As I said, I’m about half way through the second chapter and I’ve got medic full up on mastery and support is just starting.

Full rating? Probably a 4/5, but an extra point is given just because it’s Evolve :P. The difficulty is pretty ramped up from the end of chapter 1 to the start of 2. If it doesn’t ramp up even worse from 2-3 and 3-4, I think it should be fine.

Things I’d change – Drop rate of uncommon/rare bones. ‘Spawn’ rate of the monster tiles should be reduced a little, or the kraken’s damage should. That’s about my only gripes.

Update – It does not get easier. Stage 1 Wraith and it’s wildlife is enjoying it’s feast on my innards.


Main game is fun enough.
Nice to see some of the scrapped wildlife.
Can’t wait for Evolve to come out so I can watch some replays.
Also I already upgraded first level of Markov (all), Maggie (all), Val (Medgun), and Hank (orbital barrage)
Nice to see I will have my own advantage. :wink:


I’m a bit surprised at how much strategy the game has for what I’d consider typically being a throw-away. May actually try to pry my wife away from her Candy Crush (ugh!) to try it.


Too bad I can’t play it.


So when I unlock/buy a star in the Mastery Hunter section… does that correlate with unlocking the star in the game? if so it seems really freaking easy.


I can’t find it on the Google Play Store on my phone. :frowning:


I have no idea if this link will work for ya @Ammuze, but give this a go:
note: tap the little link up the upper left corner.

Otherwise, just search for the games full name “Evolve: Hunters Quest.”


I’m not a big mobile gamer, so I was dubious of the whole concept. That being said, the game itself is kind of fun. I LOVE the bestiary, which lets people get familiar with wild life before the game even launches. I was also super surprised that I was able to see my beta matches in the replay section of the app. I’m really looking forward to that functionality once the game launches.


You unlock only 50% of the mastery, it says so at the very top in the mastery section of the game. It’s a great addition for people that want their time cut down in earning their masteries.


Bestiary is enjoyable, my first time playing a match 3 game so it’s not old hat to me :smile:
I will enjoy not having to fully level Markov’s abilities to unlock mah boy Hyde as well


oh awesome thank you, probably saw it and just misunderstood it.


It seems to be impossible to search for the game manually.

The link definitely helps.


Very fun! Happy I’m getting my evolve dose elsewhere


Interesting start – I entered a map and literally the entire screen was filled with only greens and yellows with about 5 or 6 different colored tiles remaining. I made one move, killed everything on screen, and filled up both the trapper and support skills fully XD.