How do you guys at Turtle Rock feel your code giveaway promotion is going?


I’ve been following your promotion of giving away alpha codes so far, and I can’t help but notice a vast, VAST majority of comments and posts about your game and this promotion have turned ugly and disgruntled. What have you guys at Turtle Rock been experiencing? Do you feel that this promotion is generating more positive feedback about your game, or negative?


I dont like it. but what do I know


I’m not from Turtle Rock, but I do feel like it’s unfair to the people who were there, on the forums, from the beginning ( I wasn’t-- I just followed the game without registering on the forums and liked the facebook page ).


I just love how the codes don’t last more than a couple of seconds and feel there is something besides a human hand at play there, scripts and programs man… =p


I do feel that it’s good to give everyone a chance to get in, and not just those who have been around the longest or were in the previous alpha. The way they are going about it now, though, just feels wrong. It’s given me some resentment towards them, I can’t imagine I’m the only one.


Oh I’m sure someone found a way to do just that.


A chance for everyone; yes.

A better chance for fans that have been there for a while; ALSO yes.

I’m not saying they should give that chance -only- to long time fans, but I’m saying they should be given an invite code.


I’m not sure why people are so angry about it, this is like the previous Alpha except this time it’s the BIG one, more and more codes are being sent out than the last. On here, Facebook and Twitter an with more coming on the way, you will have more chances to get in!

Trust me, I’m as excited for the game as everyone else! I really hope most of you get in, including myself! :blush:


I have mixed opinions about this, it is an alpha so it can’t hold every Evolve fan so this is a great way for the game to pick players to play the game. However, this bad for ps4 players as this only way to play the game before the is out, and because it is difficult to get a code, ps4 basically loses out.


This isn’t the only way to play the game before it’s out. Nowhere was it said that this was the final test, … also, this is the big -alpha-. There’ll be a beta too :wink:


The reason people don’t like it is because you have to hunt down a code and most of the time they’re taken in 5 seconds unless there on the fourms which is how I got my code. Also people who already got a code can keep stealing codes from people who don’t have one yet which could be frustrating.


They are upset since the last one, you didn’t have to hunt a code down to enter. All you had to do was sign up for a chance, here you have to fight with bots that literally swipe the code the very second it’s posted.

That’s my guess.


Just keep in mind they only just barely started giving out codes. They could be giving out codes for two months for all we know, and they will probably happen more frequently and in larger quantities before too long. Right now they are just trying to build the hype and make you work for it :stuck_out_tongue: Have patience and it should all work out.


That’s because the majority of people that are unhappy seem to be entitled little jerks who complain when they don’t get their way. I want to get into the alpha too but I won’t kick and scream until I do. Life doesn’t always go your way but too many people think that everything is supposed to go perfect which is why they get angry at promotions like this.

I play on PS4 and I really could not care less about the pre-release advantages of having a PC or Xbox one. And come February 11, 2015 no one will care about pre-release promotions because everyone will be playing the real game and all those complaints will fade away.


I have a problem with how they are giving them away.
People with scripts are grabbing the codes in a matter of seconds :confused:


It’s hard to argue that it’s not frustrating though. I’m not agreeing with people commenting disrespectfully because they didn’t get in, mind you. That’s just childish. But… I’m also very surprised at the amount of time it takes for them to disappear. But -perhaps- Turtle Rock is trying to see just how much people are hyped :'D


That is very true, for all we know there might be a big Alpha 2, and least we are getting evolve and the dlc so us ps4 players should be grateful. (We just gotta be cool and wait.)


The fact that Turtle Rock allows people to test Evolve before it releases is a gift to the gaming community. They don’t owe us anything but they are doing this out of good will, I think.

A popular product always goes fast. There’s bound to be some people left behind.


If they released just one code at a time, but made everyone able to use it, and had it go inactive after, say, 5 minutes, that would promote staying in touch on their sites while making sure the blame can only be on yourself. The more codes you punch in, the more tickets you put into the metaphorical hat for the drawing.


So you’re saying that they are giving us something, and that’s better than nothing at all. Sure, but it’s not so black and white. If a van full of food drove into the middle of a starving city street and just dumped the food all over for the beggars to fight over, that creates a bad situation. It can still be said that something is better than nothing, but they are more likely causing more harm than good in their delivery. If that food truck had parked and had everyone form an orderly line, first come first serve, then there would have been much less room for a bad situation to turn out. They’re still giving the same amount of food/codes out, but one situation is clearly better than the other.