How do you get the last goliath badge


Just want to know cause I want it so much!


The evolve companion app


Ok cool thanks. Do I just get the app so I can get the badge or do I need to earn something on the app to get the badge


Lots of grinding in the app one of the achievements in app


A lot of grinding is an understatement. You’re looking at 20-40 hours just for that one badge.


Not really 20 hours… Unless you super unlucky xD


I believe that’s what you want :smile:


Yup, I unlocked it after 20+ hours. Took me over 100 tries to get the last Desert Tyrant bone.


Ridiculous, unlocking stuff ingame through a phone app. Pass.


All cosmetic, nothing that gives you an advantage.


That’s exactly why the grind is so flawed.


Oh, I like the goliath with wings better.