How do you get more versions of certain badges?


how do you unlock the rest (in general) ((i know about the elite badge tho but that s it)) ?


I wonder myself sometimes… Badges should tell you how to obtain them.


I think it’s through random progress, and getting a certain amount of awards.


i wonder that because i want them so baddddddd


For those Behometh emblems I got them by completing the 3 star of each of his abilities. (I don’t remember exactly) I believe that it was rockwall for the first one locked fissure for second and tongue grab for the fourth


ah ok interesting


I think it’s through the companion app? I know a fair few badges require that…


Sadly in my opinion…


They are all unlocked running Behemoth, this I know. The last one is the elite and the others are when mastering certain abilities of his.