How do you feel facing Behemoth?


It might just be that I’ve only been facing him in pub matches so the team coordination isn’t quite there, but he’s definitely feeling like a stronger opponent to me now. Admittedly, I’ve only maybe played three Behemoth matches or so post-patch, but I can’t tell you how hopeless I feel when he gets Stage 3 and I see all that health and armor.

How does everyone else feel about the improved Behemoth? While it’s understandable that he should have lots of armor and be a tank, do you think that basically defeats the purpose of the hunters after a certain point? It seems to be it would be nearly impossible to kill him if you didn’t catch him quick enough. If you’ve defeated a stage 3 fully armored Behemoth recently, I’d like to hear it, haha


He’s alright. Not too many people skilled at him yet. Rose and I usually kill them before they reach stage 3 though.


i feel bad for him because griff is my main


Yeah. His weakpoint is just too easy to hit and with Parnell + Cabot, it’s ridiculous. When he flees, the huge hitbox and lack if burst makes it super easy to potshot him with mah Railcannon. He feels a little weak.


I think that Griffin is to strong versus him. Everytime he poons, Behemoth has to cancel roll and meele, then lose stamina every time he rerolls. Of course the obvious counter would be wall, if that wouldn´t bug out while tethered or at anything else.
Apart from that he is a strong opponent when you aim your tongue grab and chain the abilities right. I played him for 2 days now. First i failed horribly until i adapted. Thanks to Peirce Pryce! :slight_smile:


What methods do you usually use to chase him down, or does it not really differ from other monsters?


lets see

hes huge and slow… check

carrion birds within 1-2 meals… check

daisy will find you… check

griffin will never let you go with sunny… check

rock wall breaks… check

i don’t know what to tell you about facing behemoth :smirk:


I burst him in fight with Rose, and when he runs, she chases after him with her rail cannon. Works great. ^.-
Avoid his abilities, don’t get separated by wall. Have the assault hug him, especially as Parnell. Aim for center mass when he uses abilities, opens up his weakspot nicely. Should be able to burst extremely fast.


Haha, good points, but I feel like when rock wall works, it really works. I might have just been facing a very adept Behemoth player last night. He made that rock wall sing against me.


I was Parnell-ing last night, but to no avail. That could just be because I have the least practice with him, though xD.


i m never scared when i see a behemoth when i m a hunter, and i m skilled enough to play rather well (i m a monster player) so meh i dunno, and about all that armor and health, don t be scared of it lots hunters and hunter combos can make it just disapear in an instant


whenever im behemoth by random, i just juggle the assault within my rock wall and keep lava bombing him while targeting the medic


I started off with Markov, hated him… Mines were decent, and then after nerf he’s not worth it. Tried Hyde, I don’t like his inconsistent damage drop off. Tried Parnell, I loved his playstyle (when his Super Soldier works… It’s not been for some reason. -.-), he bursts well.

Torvald is alright now, but he’s weak vs Kraken; and I hate gambling… I don’t like the 1/4 chance to be totally screwed.


well technically its not skill if carrion birds or dare i say sunny is in your team :stuck_out_tongue:


i laught at the freewin


Cabot is better vs the Behemoth than Sunny.


Yeah, I just need to learn to master the timing of Super Soldier. Esp. last night, he rock wall’d me once right after I activated it xD. I was like daaaaamn. If you like Parnell a lot, what perk do you usually use? I was trying out quick switch because I usually like to switch to the rocket launcher right after I empty the shotgun.


Capacity, always for me.
Some like health regen, but healers usually do a decent job of topping off the 20%.


Torvald is not alright now >.> he always does super soldier damage without the super soldier at all 0_0 you soo cray cray


Haha gee I feel like a scrub now, all these people talking about how easy he is xD.