How do you feel about the Adaptations [Poll]


What do you guys think about the adaptations all together.

Perhaps you have played as all of them at the same time in a team.

  • Overpowered in the correct hands
  • Balanced all around
  • Underpowered and needs a buff

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Give your thoughts below.

My thoughts on T1 adaptations
My thoughts on T1 adaptations

I would say Val, Maggie (Daisy needs better AI) and Markov are great even rivalling there basic form in Markov’s case, Tech hank though isn’t very good at all.


I would say Maggie is a bit UP because she has so much less CC than the OG and that’s Maggie’s biggest benefit for the team.


All together I feel they are slightly weak, Blitzkov is easily one of my favorite assaults (behind Torvald of course) along with WSM which Definitely is my favorite Trapper.
Now TS Hank and rogue val are different in my opinion.

I like how TS hank shields out of combat, but I dislike how it shields for less damage than OG hank given how much time it takes for TS hank to put the shield on.

Rogue Val and TS hank are made for doing damage, and completely countering spreading damage. So when a monster targets a player, it is a guaranteed down.


I find them all fairly balanced.

The only one I generally dislike is Rogue Val because of her insanely high Heal Burst healing.
She turns the game into a gigantic minigame of whether or not you can get her down in a short time window (18 seconds, is it?) and if you fail to do so (looking at you, Sunny) then you have to start all over again.

When I’m up against Rogue Val I occasionally feel like the match loses progression. Should you fail to down her in those 18 seconds then all the health you spent in the effort is basically just plain wasted.
It’s like Laz getting away with a rushed revive, only this time it’s intented gameplay design.


When I play against a Rouge Val I usually ignore her most of the time and play a war of attrition. She has a difficult time with burst damage so I just do my best to get strikes on the rest of the team over time.


I really like TS Hank, but his shields could use just a tiny bit more strength. Orbital Drill and laser cutter are fun to use and effective. Two things I don’t like though are that there is a constant blue hue for my Teammates when they’re playing, and Cloaked hunters like support or Laz still glow blue for the monster to see clear as day (unless the monster can’t see that. Idk for sure I’m just assuming).

Other adaptations are great too and pretty balanced.


When people stop trying to compare them directly to their non-adaptation counter parts it becomes very obvious that they’re a balanced set of hunters, some more so than others. Rogue Val was a new proposition that led in to Emet’s similar healing and so while I think people felt her OP at the time they’re learning what the deal is with her now. Blitz Markov was never any more or less balanced than Lennox at the end of the day. TShank is possibly very slightly underpowered but I wouldn’t want to tinker it’s that marginal. Similarly WLM is probably a little OP right now and is the only one I see getting a specific nerf in the not too distant future.

But overall, a super well balanced set of hunters.


All of them as a team together? Underpowered from a competitive stand point.

RVal is the best of the lot. WLMaggie isnt bad. TSHank and BMarkov though lean towards the underpowered side in my opinion.

MG, definitely needs some love in my books. Trading burst for Dot doesnt work very well- Especially when that DoT is easily countered by ankle-deep puddles. I think his dot damage needs a slight increase, and think his flames should be unquenchable to start things off.

But theyre fun to play mechanically. So Ill still use them.


They’re changing this so that water doesn’t cancel dots anymore.


Praise the lord! Can I get a source for this? Id love to read about it


I want to say it was either Insane or Major. Lemme find it.


You mean fire doesn’t get put out by water!!! I’d argue that isn’t realistic, but the game is already roaming with monsters and sci-fi things…




Ever seen a magnesium fire underwater? The magnesium burns so hot that the water never gets a chance to cool the metal down- And more so, it burns so hot that the water around it gets boiled away and releases oxygen, giving even more to burn.

Ever seen someone try to use water to put out napalm? Or an oil fire? Or…

But ya, basically lol


I was just kidding


I know. and i was just being a nerd :slightly_smiling:


That is like worthy.


I would argue that if they are immersed in the water t should put the fire out, but just stepping in water shouldn’t do anything. That would be my preferred realistic way to handle it, but it’s probably not reasonable from a coding perspective and it would be balanced against monsters (there’s a lot less water a monster can fully submerge in than for hunters).


I want extinguishing fire with shields back then lol