How do you escape as Kraken


Really stupid question I know, but every time I’ve played as him, I’ve sneaked around but the team zeroes in on me, even without daisy. Once they catch me, I can never escape.

What am I supposed to do?


first of all, don’t get caught! i’m guessing that you are making mistakes like flying high, using you abilities to attack, especially at the stage 1, you are very vulnerable, so you don’t want to bring any attention. Use Sneak, and pounce your pray. SNIFF, constantly… at least for now this is your best defense.

When you do get caught in the dome, kill the trapper! the dome will go down so you can escape!


That’s just it m8, all I do is sneak and they make a b-line for me.

I think in general the Kraken has been hard-core nerfed though, I went against the same team as a Goliath and lost but still got to stage 3 and killed three of them, then went Wraith and won.

I understand that it was extremely OP in the Alpha, but now it’s been reduced to canon fodder.

Or I’m missing something big, like the Kraken still leaves prints when sneaking or something.


Escaping as Kraken is a real problem if you’re getting slowed from a tranq or a stasis grenade repeatedly, because you can’t fly, and if you can’t fly, you’re forced to walk very slowly and you don’t even have abilities that make you move, like Goliath’s Charge.

This is why i think Kraken is the least powerful of the three monsters, if you’re against a decent Val that keeps slowing you with tranqs you’re pretty much done, they’ll find you at stage 1 and wont let you go.


use sonic attack, follow up with mines to slow them from chasing