How do you escape a monster onslaught? (Attention: Bad English)


Get yourself on this scenary

You’re the medic, the monster caught you and now he’s hitting you with everything he got. Your team is there doing all the damage they can inflict, but the monster just dont care… he want you dead no matter what

You got fuel on jetpack, but you cant use it beacuse the monster keep knocking you back with attacks and Hank is not on the game to shield you. What do you do?

(I have lost a lot of game in that situation, the monster kills the medic ignoring all the damage and with the medic dead he just proceed to kill the rest of the team. Im trying to find a way out of that situation without Hank shield proyector, but i just dont know how)


What you do is this:
You let go of WASD and double tap space. What that will do is “jetpack dodge” straight upward!
Do this twice and save a tiny bit of fuel to try to fly towards safety/high ground!
It will only buy you time, tough.


Have the support come by and cloak you, and get better at dodging. Also try and keep a distance from the monster.


Pretty much avoid the situation all together, if youre a medic you have to be as far away from the monster as possible. Thats why youre the one with a sniper rifle and a really really long range on the med gun and a long range tranq gun, do not get near the thing no matter what. And if you are Laz thats why you have a Cloak and about 45 seconds after someone dies to resurrect them.


A good thing to do is to go up and down cliff faces, if he ever hits you use the momentum to go to a new cliff

If you’re Laz pop your shield
Val keep on trnaqing him
Caira use the speed boost and heal yourself with your grenades