How Do You Escape a Bucket UAV?


T4R. Lately Bucket has been giving me a lot of crap with his UAV. I try to run and hide but I keep getting tracked down by his stupid head. Sneaking helps, but when bucket can use the chatbar or teamspeak to relay information to his teammates it gets really annoying.

Can anyone share with me some useful advice?


Sneak. He can’t track you while you’re sneaking. Though once he is already tracking you sneaking doesn’t do you anything. Then you should just haul ass until the track is over.


That’s only a bug. You can destroy the UAV.


Sneaking doesn’t keep him from using the chatbar or teamspeak with his teammates. I should have worded my post better. It’s not the tracking that annoys me. It’s constantly being followed that bugs me.


Yep. Listen for it. As soon as you here its little motor, sniff, find it, and kill it with flame breath/vortex/warp blast.



I have never unlocked Bucket so I have never been able to try out the UAV and learn about how it works. I do not understand its strengths and weaknesses. I had no idea you could destroy it. That stupid thing is absolutely OP when both Val and Abe are playing. Once they find you you’ll never escape. The constant tagging was absurd. This happened to me in front of a group of 30 - 40 people twice Saturday. No amount of sneaking worked. If they weren’t supposed to be able to tag me while sneaking then it’s clearly bugged. The match just went on and on and on. After 15 minutes of running the perimeter of the map I disconnected. People were calling for it after 10 minutes.

I definitely felt that unlocks had a major effect on the game. I felt held back because of them. I did not have the necessary character knowledge because of not being able to experiment with them. Bucket was definitely the biggest problem. The UAV specifically was the issue. I was unable to unlock Bucket in the big alpha and have not had the time to do so in this beta. Having this experience twice did not do the game any favors. Because Abe was in the match at least one person canceled an Amazon preorder on the spot for Pay 2 Win reasons.

Waiting on United. Yay, delay!


When you see UAV, it means that the Bucket standing in one place, behind you run only 3 hunters. Somehow possible to take advantage of it?


How on earth does someone who leaves a match for any reason garner 30-40 on-lookers? At the very least go down swinging.

Pay 2 Win? Since when?


If I see Bucket, Abe AND Val in the lineup, I throw stealth to the wind after I’m tagged the first time. They WON’T lose you in many cases hehe. At that point, it’s ‘Eat that Reaver while I have LOS real quick then beat feet again’

This is why I am a fan of ‘Learn to do it Loudly first, then Stealth. That way, you know how to play should the stealth game fail’. And with that lineup, they may as well be holding onto your tail :wink:

I’m still waiting for the day I happen across a Deployed Bucket all by his lonesome. It will be a good day :smiley:

On a serious note, Alex makes a good point. Even missing ONE Hunter in a fight, especially one who does good Area Denial and Stealth, can mean Game in your favor if you play your cards right. But then, such is almost every scenario in Evolve.


This freaking happened to me the other day, lol. Looking all over (two different UAV’s deployed and my team across the map) and bam!!! I got rocked so hard I barely had enough time to ping him to let my team know he was there.


It’s a good trick for any monster player really. Most Bucket players I’ve seen usually deploy UAV right after a dome goes down. If you juke the hunters and double back a delicious meal is waiting.


Most also deploy the UAV as soon as they emerge from the dropship but I wouldn’t risk going for him that early.

Bucket? Delicious!?


All growing monsters need more iron in their diets.


Dont know about others, but the UAV is highly prone to desync… That thing controls like a slow toaster with wings.


That and it was bugged in the beta. Made me not play Bucket too much but that is what I have @SlinkyGuy for.


Destroy it with your ranged attacks before it can mark you

its marked by smell
but its small you have to really look around

Tough cookies if your wraith


Buckets UAV is like a hunter that can constantly use jetpack.

Upsides to UAV:
The UAV flies faster than any hunter (except maybe caiara with her speed boost)
If you have a mic or chat, you can tell your team to follow your UAV icon instead of waiting for the track to work.

Downsides to UAV:
Your body doesn’t move from where you launched the UAV, leaving your body vulnerable to wildlife, a monster if it circles around, and you have to journey to your teammates if your team traps the monster before you lock onto it.
Since Beta, you can’t lock onto a sneaking monster and if the monster sneaks while your progress bar is going, it all of a sudden goes back to zero. (In alpha, you could track a sneaking monster and ping it while in UAV mode)

As for the “Pay to Win” aspect, which I’m assuming you mean the prepaid players got access to T3 hunters and monsters, That’s not “Pay to Win”. All the monsters and hunters are balanced in a way that any match could go either way.
Pay to Win in the gaming world means you pay real money for an obvious advantage, there were no micro transactions avaliable in Alpha or Beta, so being anal about the T3 early access doesn’t count.
In the game, there will be no transactions that give you much more than a reskin or a few extra hunter/monster picks. The way that TRS is trying to make this game is that you’d be able to take down the newest monster with any hunter combo, and communication.

If anything, it’s a “Pay to Play with more options but you won’t be punished for not buying them”


I AM curious to know why you consider Abe to be Pay to Win; He will be open for everyone to unlock and play at release regardless of what method of purchase you used. Strictly for the Beta he was available for use for those who had already prepurchased, but that was it. Him and all other Tier 3 Monster/Hunters will be open to all even if you buy after release comes and goes.

Also, how is Abe any better than any other Trapper? Sure you could have better synergy with certain Hunters or even feel more comfortable vs a certain Monster, but he is certainly not any BETTER just because he is tier3.


I have to agree.

Anyone who says Abe is “Pay 2 Win” has never gone against a Val/Griffin combination.


Slow plus harpoon equals sad monster.