How do you end up with the final monster visual?


How does a monsters visual get created? Does it start on a napkin at lunch or from a poster in another bathroom? How does the seed get nurtured into the final 3d product. Is there a war-room brainstorming session? Do u go on a road trip to the zoo? Can we see some of Krakens origins and evolution?


There’s probably an initial core concept done up, then iterated on, then they figure out how to upgrade and downgrade the visual aspect until you get a sense of power level appropriate for each evolution.


Hi @Apex I work in the game industry so I can shed some light on a few of my own experiences with visuals.

I can not speak for Turtle Rock, but I imagine the process goes a little something like this:

  • Concept artist does a bunch of rough sketches or silhouette drawings
    and presents them to the art director.
  • From there they pick a few to make more final.
  • One of those will be picked for the monster.
  • They then will make some prototype art to go into the game and start
    playing around with the new creature.
  • A important step here is to make sure the creature has readability to the players. Make sure the creature is not lost in the environment and all his actions are clear and readable.
  • I know Goliath went through many skin color changes because of these reasons… His model changed as well.
  • From there artists will refine the look depending on player (QA testing) feedback as well as art director feedback.
  • The process repeats until a final look is found and then the art is polished to a final quality!

I hope this helps. Again I am no TRS employee but I have seen examples of the process above during my time in the industry. :smile:


One of my favorite things here at Turtle Rock is this feedback comes from the whole team. We have internal “play tests” every day and from these we get feedback from the team about all aspects of the game. We want everyone playing the game and having fun. It’s how we know we are doing things right. If I can play the game every day and not get board we are doing something right. On days when we can’t play people actually get mad and frustrated. I for one am always terrified that I might break the build and have all of my co-workers mad at me for the day.


Dude that’s awesome. Sounds like a great studio to work for. If I was still interested in working for a studio and not just freelancing that is the exact kind of place I would wanna be. Thanks for responding.


What @RaymondLukes describes about a broken build cancelling the play test can be summarized in this comic strip by one of our artists.