How do you do custom matches?


In another post I did yesterday people said that custom matches will be part of the beta, aka we could do private matches. I don’t see any option anywhere to do this, is it actually part of the beta game or will that be part of the full release? Thanks!


It should be an option below skirmish and evacuation, but I’m not 100% sure on that. I do remember seeing posts saying that TRS was trying to fix a custom games problem, so if you can’t find it and you looked everywhere that’s what if assume the problem to be


i have 2 people if you want to join us


Yea there was no option there to do custom match, it was Skirmish, Evacuation, and something else that I can’t remember now but wasn’t custom match. I wonder if there is a problem and it’s not in right now like you said?


Huh? I’m trying to find out how to do a custom match, do you know how to do one? Already have the people just need to know how!


There are no custom games in Beta. You are just allowed to group up with 5 players and create a lobby that way.