How do you deal with Daisy?


I’d like to hear some tips from fellow monsters on how they deal with Daisy. I know it is possible to get her off your tracks by walking through water, but on many maps there is barely any more water than some small puddles. Also, it does not always work for me. I once ran through the whole river on the dam map and the hunters were still hot on my trails shortly after they got dropped off.

The only possibility I had working so far was leaving false visible tracks, so the human hunters will follow them instead of relying on Daisy, and hoping they won’t turn around and notice me sneaking in the opposite direction.

Are there other options (besides running and jumping around the whole time)? I’m open for any advice.


best thing is to do the false tracks like you say and then when they follow then and ignore daisy sneak pounce the little trapjaw and try to finish her off fully. she should be well separated from the group and if they don’t notice its an easy kill.

this leaves them with no guide and no clue as to where you are heading next other than your tracks.

of course she will be back in 2 mins but that should give you time to evade, evolve & engage


I hate that blasted dog. But it’s actually not too difficult. Make sure you’re sneaking, and watch her, she’ll slow to a crawl and put her nose to the ground, lead the hunters around a large rock and once you get on the other side use a bar or two of stamina to get away. She will stay with her nose to the ground until she gets to where you started leaping. That gives you a free 10 seconds or so depending on how far back she was.


So other than killing her or running there is no way to loose her, it seems. But thanks for the tips anyways!


That does not work against me. I always wait at the start to see where Daisy will point, I ignore the tracks and listen to her. I also alert others in my team. Once I figure out the general direction monster is going I take the initiative and cut. I managed to quicky trap quite a few monsters that tried relying on false tracks this way. It’s still a good tactic but not against good Maggie player.


Daisy is only a buffer to finding the monster. Once us hunters get a direction going, we tend to take the lead and split up a bit to cover a wide FoV. Landing in water and leaving will only get you so far because she will still pick up those tracks of you going into and leaving the water.


Keep moving I suppose. Imo Daisy isn’t really too much of a problem as she lacks the mobility to keep up with the monster. She does mitigate some sneak tactics but otherwise she doesn’t really offer anything that an experienced tracker cannot already do.


Off topic but everytime I hear or see Daisy this damn jingle come to mind.

On topic, Daisy is a powerful resource for sure and very beneficial for the hunter. She is also very squishy and runs ahead of everyone else so you can pick her off easily if noone is paying attention and following her as they should be.


Now that you mention the sneak pounce, during the beta I had read something saying that when you sneak pounce you can be detected.

With Daisy it’s hard to shake her off totally, but since after the beta I feel she’s a little bit less relentless. That or I’ve become better at escaping her.

In any case, yes, it’s a powerful addition to the hunters, considering that she also resurrects downed players.


How do you deal with Daisy?
You don’t
She is our lord and savior.
She revives us when we are down.
She looks cute when she needs to follow her.
She ignores her bretheren to help us.
She has adorable plushies!
She howls in the night to raise our spirits.
She is…JesusJaw

Oh and if you want to kill her, just kill her early in a fight. Then she can’t revive people.


What you do is kill Daisy and then eat her corpse in front of the hunters while they scream




Go for speed. I use Maggie a lot and I always expect the monster is trying to send us in the wrong direction with tracks so I see where daisy wants to go first.


Make your tracks trough big monsters (leap above it) it is GREAT when she get smashed because she sniffed a dune beatle buts…apparantly they don’t like that :joy:

But on another note, if there is tracks she speed like a bullet, but if she don’t have tracks to follow she need a moment to catch you scent it seems and will just give you the general diraction

To be fair with maps that close off area with a whole area with a intersection , maggie and daisy is dangerous