How do you cope with loss?


When I lose as monster, I get a feeling deep in my gut that I’m a failure, and that everything I will ever do will be a mistake, and that I’m never going to accomplish anything that makes myself or others live a more fulfilling life.

How do I deal with monster-induced depression?


I say, “I’ll get them next time.” and send the Hunters GGWP.


I get this way when I lose against Laz…and then feel this way again before a match starts against Laz…


When I lose: Scream at my monitor and let all my frustration out, before calmly speaking into the mic "gg"
When I win: Scream at my monitor and let all my frustration out, before calmly speaking into the mic “gg”

I uhh…
I have a hard time dealing with both.


Lmfao yes! This is “IT”.


Tough question. I’d recommend taking a few moments away from the screen, maybe step outside for a minute or take a quick stroll around the room.

Then try to think back to what you could have done differently or how you’ll adjust your play style next time. Helps to try to put some kind of reason on why you lost.

Maybe it was something that was completely out of your control (got birds on your 3rd meal for example). Maybe the hunters simply out-classed you. Maybe it was just good ol’ fashioned lag.


I feel like this proves my point that Monster is the biggest outlet for aggression in any game out there


don’t be to upset you are pretty much pushing poop up a hill as a monster right now anyway. the game is way too easy for hunter’s right now that’s how you know when you win as monster you actually deserve to win unlike when you win as hunter which is why I find hunter play really boring right now


Monster has a lot to think about whereas when I play hunter it’s easier to think about how I failed to hold up my end of the bargain as a certain class

I think it takes a whole lot of games to kind of find the “common denominator” so to speak of what I did wrong. I’m fine with getting my ass spanked raw as long as I can release that anger once I have learned my mistakes :smiling_imp:


I used to get super frustrated, but I found a legit strategy, but it may not work for you.

Go into every game thinking you’re goin to lose. Hear me out.

If you lose, you expected it. You knew it was going to happen. You say “well I lost, I knew I was going to lose.” It may make you feel like you suck, but I’d rather feel slightly sad, than be Salt Lake City.

Now if you win, that’s when you act surprised. “HOLY SHIT I WON A GAME!” This is when you can say “Fuck yeah” and “Fuck you” (mic off of course). You beat that shitty ass chase comp and you should feel like a fucking God.


I say how much i hate this game and that im never gonna play it again. Then i go outside for a min and have a cigg. Then i go back inside and its all i wanna play (cause i actually do really like this game, have since day one) So i try again lol


Throw a brick at the tv!


depends on how I lost if i lost because of bullshit like getting stuck in a tree or whatever then ima lose my fucking mind or if the hunters are somehow cheating I’m bound to break shit in my house. OR if I come across a good hunter team and I loss because Ive made a mistake I’d just treat it like any other loss and not fuck up next time


For some reason, losing as Monster makes me feel much more sad & frustrated. I normally feel pretty bad about myself and doubt my own gameplay. But that feeling goes away pretty quickly c:
If I lose as Monster in ranked tho, it’s a whole different story xD
A very, very salty story…


I don’t feel bad about losing really


Hmmm. Well. You shouldnt build rage. Because when you build rage, you cry tears. And when you cry tears, you start screaming. And when you start screaming, you start trying to bend your stylus. And when you start trying to bend your stylus, you start banging your game pad on your pillow. And when… Oh wait. Wrong game. Eh, it could still work.


Rip lungs.


Losing as monster (hunt especially) used to completely send me into maximum tilt. I’ve learned since then from playing a lot of Destiny that the best choice if you get to that point is to take a break and do something you enjoy more. If I get worked up at the end of a Hunt 2.0 session, I rotate over to Evacuation and play it cool for an hour or so. It really helps.


The times i get really annoyed. When I get stuck in a tree. My abduction freezes half way. My monsters primary melee freezes an then im can no longer move. Only die. When im doing good an my game crashes an then im like. “Yay… I gotta wait again for a unknown amount of time to find another match…” Its only when im playing monster that i get upset when i loose. Its a fine. Fudge. I hit you you die. No no reviving you die! No Laz you cant revive sunny i just spent a good 1 minutes trying to kill her without loosing all my armor. I am trying to win here thank you for dieing with her have a nice day! However. The only time im really just Loosing teeth due to grinding them so hard is on ranked play. I win 1 point up on the leaderboards. Then I lose. 40! -_- So i have to win 40 matches individually to get that back? Only to lose another 40? O.o O.k? Not to mention finding a match on ranked. Silver tiered. for both hunters an monster.


The hardest part about Monster, is keeping your cool. If you begin to panic, you miss abilities you’d otherwise land. Look back at your match and think about where it went south, and where you can improve next time.

Remember, Evolve gets competitive, like many games. But that’s just it, it’s a game!!! Don’t play to win, play to have fun, you’ll be more calm and find yourself winning more easily. :smile: