How do you become a regular?


Ritual sacrifice? Secret handshake?


Illuminati Blood sacrifices, @Quirkly will fill you in :yum:


Just continue to post and visit the forum, and contribute positively to the community.

How to regular?

Be a stalker, post tons of stuff, reply tons of stuff, view tons of threads and spread love! :blush:


Also, you need to join the illuminati @Quirkly
will help you with that.


Btw, if you do all these requirements, a mod needs to turn you into one right? Or you just become one?


You suddenly become one…the system usually makes you one. once you meet the requirements. I’m not even 100% sure of those…I should go look it up. I know the data is around here someplace.

Also…nobody needs to join the illuminati…


All the requirements and benefits are in here


Ok, thank you for the info :smiley: and lol, I think the user knows this XD , but yeah I know, just in case.


Well, I’ll never make it. I get flagged way too often.


If you go back and clean up your flagged posts via editing/deleting I believe the system doesn’t count them towards your total


Not worth it. I’m not cleaning that up over overly sensitive people. Thanks for the heads up, though.


Pretend to agree with everything, followed by a constant stream of emoticons, enough that it puts the amount teens use when texting to shame.

You also have to hail over every word TRS says and defend them blindly, wholeheartedly, and religiously to the death, only THEN can you attain your rank mate.

Bonus points for flagging down everything you interpret as irrelevant


i used to be a regular but not anymore. did i do something naughty to have that removed?


Have you been flagged more than 5 times?


If you fall below the requirements, or get a certain number of flags you can lose your regular status


If you stop doing all the requirements, you lose the title.


You got to “do” things with “certain” people. Better work on your Goliath style


I’ve been flagged more than five times, sure.

In a single thread…


“Wow. Okay then…”

This is my #ForumGoals rn summed up in one thread

EDIT : On the post @Magik_boom linked, I believe I have met the requirements for member, not that I need it rn :laughing: . Just asking, are the ‘rules’ different on here then what were on that link?