How do you beat the wraith?


I have no problem with the other 2 but I have fought many different wraiths and each time we just get DESTROYED. It seems OP but I bet there is weaknesses I just don’t know what they are. How do you beat the Wraith?


You need bad players to play her.

But seriously.

Try to spread out during combat as much as you can. Leave Supernova cloud asap.
Pray to Zeus.


Medic - Val/Laz
Assault - Markov/Parnell
Support - Any
Trapper - Abe

Abe and Val tranq and stasis the Wraith while the support aids in damage if Cabot/Bucket or protects the assault if Hank.

Get out of super nova as fast as possible. If the Wraith is charging and isn’t in super nova try and find the real wraith because it is most likely a decoy.


Use Hank. Our trapper and assault have changed but every Wraith fight we’ve been in we’ve had Lazarus as medic and Hank as support, and we’ve beaten all of them.

Wraith can’t punish a Lazarus like the other two monsters, so Laz can almost always revive fairly uncontested. His huge number of weak points is also a boon since wraith is always moving fast, making them hard to hit individually.

Hank’s laser cutter is GREAT for tracking the fast-moving monster, assuming you can aim. If it ever starts glowing, then break out the shield generator. Wraith is probably the only monster for which it makes sense to try to take out Assault, but that’s bastard hard to do with Hank providing an extra shield.

Maggie as trapper makes it laughable because then the wraith will almost always be taking some health damage before stage 3 thanks to Daisy.

As for general strategies, it’s best to not be on the ground - use the mesas and buildings to your advantage, because the decoy will waste all its time getting to you and is really easy to avoid. If you’re on the chase, just ignore the decoys if you can - if you’re catching up to Wraith it’ll have to warp, which pops the decoy.

Dodge abductions, and if you see one coming in time then drop an orbital strike or a toxin grenade at the point of origin - even if a player gets grabbed the wraith can’t stand to take that damage so the player is usually fine.

Stay spread out, but within sight of each other. We like to be in a roughly 40m square if we can find a good area for it. If you’re close enough that more than one player is getting hit by Supernova, you’re doing it wrong. Hank can save one person, but not two.

Harpoons of any sort and stasis grenades are all awesome, but frankly if the wraith gets to stage 3 it’s pretty much over for them because most of the maps seem to give the hunters a lot of potential advantages for the final fight.


Pretty sure he can punish laz. It is harder to sit on corpses, but you can just decoy and eat them. Or decoy and wait for a laz to show up and mess him up. Keeping an eye on Laz can be very key to dealing with him as any monster.

Disagree. Wraith can move pretty far without leaving tracks for a uncontested evolve.

Factually wrong. Warping while decoyed does not end decoy. However, you can see where the invisible wraith is warping to while he is decoyed. His warp trails are visible.

Wraith is broken

If a team chases a decoy far enough that the wraith is able to eat, then the team just made a bad play, no two ways about it. Wraith can’t babysit a body like the other two because she can’t soak up all that damage. When we’ve had a Laz on a team he’s the only character that’s ever gotten a down penalty against a wraith.

Could be true, but hasn’t been in my experience. That said I’ve fought less than a dozen, so my experience is small. We also tend to be pretty lucky with carrion birds. Following the eaten carcasses is a good way to stay in her neighborhood while you’re waiting for tracks or birds to show up.

I thought all abilities, including warp blast, ended the decoy - I’m talking about being on the wraiths tail because we followed her warp trail instead of getting distracted by the decoy. I could be wrong but in any case, whenever we got close to her the decoy pretty much always fizzled as she streaked away, whether it was due to the ability or the time limit.


Wraith can eat WHILE decoyed. This means that he can eat while not being seen. Of course you can shoot at the corpse area, but people won’t always catch it. He will manage to eat a corpse or two. I was not suggesting that she should stick around a corpse and take damage. In fact my message more or less conceded that. My given alternative was for wraith to decoy and just camp on the corpse while the decoy was chopping things up.

Fought the wraith many times myself and never lost any of my 14 Wraith games before I stopped playing him. Wraith doesn’t leave tracks while decoyed and warp blast goes a pretty long distance when you aren’t colliding with the ground. If the hunters don’t trap you before you “hatch”, you can escape their dome with 4 warps fairly reliably. If not, you can spend 55% of your time in the dome decoyed while you eat any nearby wildlife for armor while decoyed.

Warp doesn’t interrupt decoy, however all offensive attacks and the other 3 rankable abilities do. But yes, warping while decoyed does leave a trail, which is what I said. I have done this many times while I played as Wraith.


too many opinions means its way too strong and needs to be weaker. fighting against a good wraith doesnt make fun because its too easy to win as wraith so it can do 20 mistakes but if the hunters do one mistake they are all screwed.


Guess I’ll leave some tips.

Preferred teams: 1) Cabot, Hyde, Val, Abe 2) Hank, Caira, Hyde, Abe 3) Any team as long as it has Caira or Hyde.
Lazarus is also very good with hank, due to not losing hp against wraith on death, which is vital to winning. If you get everyone down 2 bars, you’ve essentially lost.

I prefer Cabot due to wraith’s squishiness. If you can pull off a Cabot damage amp. +hyde flamethrower it’ll take out at least 4 shield segments or 3 health bars.

It may seem redundant, but if you’re playing val, get to the center of the map, and get as high as possible. And I mean as high as possible. Stand there completely still. Take a good look around with tranqs ready. Wait till you see the monster. Follow your team periodically of course, so you don’t end up across the map like some buckets I know. Wait till you see it and tranq, get the general direction, and corner it.

Preferred elite buffs: Steamodon->bullets slow monster.
Armodon->35% reduced damage->very needed for some team comps against wraith
The little poison wolf thing->bullets poison, don’t underestimate that damage
Marsh strider->Move speed+35%, combine with Caira and a good vision skill=no escape
The little meerkat thing->ALL enemies within 40m revealed.

While many people disagree with me on this, I always start the game as cabot against wraith by dusting off in the distance in a random direction. Most monsters go the exact same way every game. If you hit, good for you.

-Flames reveal in stealth
-Even in Decoy, you can still see Wraith’s teleport/dash animation. You can boost past decoy and keep following.
-If you can arena, Cabot dust dead center in it. When decoy is up, it’ll go back to revealing Wraith.
-If abe, you damn well better be hitting EVERY monster you see with tracking darts.
-Decoy sparkles/flashes when hit. Another trick to seeing Decoy is that it always does the same exact pattern of attack (dash dash dash strong, slow attack)
-In arena, get the higher ground. Wraith has a relatively slow climbing animation/speed, and will have to waste dashes to ascend. Make sure your medic+support stay ontop of cliffs.

There are certain maps you want to fight wraith on and some you don’t obviously. Use this to your advantage. If it’s the acid map with the VERY small relay room, plan ahead of time and pick hunters with traps. Once it gets to stage 3, if it does, load up the room everywhere with all your traps, and wait for it to come to you. It’ll dash in and take massive damage. Rinse and repeat.

One other thing I see against a lot of wraiths and in general is nobody cuts the monster off. They literally just follow tracks and go behind. It’s wise against wraith to split up and take someone who can speed up+trapper and the other+assault and cut wraith off. Or any monster for that matter. And make use of harpoons/stasis grenades for the love of god. One last thing is to get an arena in a wide open space with little to no obstacle around you. Wraith is very, very, very weak without them.

Good luck.



1-Get 4 players who preordered evolve.
2-Practice a bit with the new hunters(Parnell,Abe,Cabot and Caira).
3-Realize the Wraith is only op to the older hunters and that the new hunters are just as op.
5-Thank me later(Optional).


If you have Markov or Hyde on a team with Laz they can min/gas the dead body to prevent the wraith eating it


We didnt chase her, went to the power relay, waited about 10 mins until stage 3 and full armor and then, mines, mines, mines, mines and she’s done. FINALLY!


I’ve found it’s actually quite easy to deter that; you know where Wraith is going to go, right? Screw the Decoy, shoot the corpse of the Hunter. I’ve prevented many corpse-munching doing that even if noone else helped ‘secure’ the corpse.

Still lost in the end, when Wraith was tired of that bull and finally found me, but details, details!


You have to pray
Your only, only hope against a decent Wraith is the power of baby jesus


On the forums I see everyone just saying learn to play or get better at hunter. I don’t think the Wraith overpowering, but fighting her is pretty boring and seem to sap the fun from the hunters. So I’m now asking you guys now, how do you beat the Wraith? Do you need certain hunters for her or can anyone beat her? I main Maggie and I have Griffon unlocked but I never played him. Please and thank you.


When I play as Wraith Abe is the scariest hunter. Being able to avoid is her biggest strength, and Abe just takes that away if you eat the wrong meal. I lost a game before ever getting a chance to stage up at one point because I could not find a meal that didn’t have a dart in it.


So I should work towards unlocking Abe then?


You do what you want, I’m a terrible monster player. Haven’t won a game against player hunters since day 1 of the beta, after I had already been in two alpha events. I was just making an observation. Theoretically though any of the trappers are going to be good, because any of them have the ability to take away the wraith’s speed.


I don’t think they are really op. I think Hyde is the best choice over Parnell. I mean in a dome a wraith will just run at least Hyde can lay the toxic in spots to make him come out. Val/hank are also choices I think work fighting a wraith.


Practice. Play till you’re good. Doesn’t matter who you use if they’re a good monster player. Just today I played Wraith and cleaned house. Only 2 of the hunters were any good. Assault kept trying to find me by himself and boy did he. Lol
Abe was my biggest annoyance, so I went for him first. I usually take out the medical, but Abe just pushes my buttons the way he spans out grenades.
Honestly, Hyde is the best assault for Wraith, but it really doesn’t matter. When playing Wraith all teammates need to be good and work together. You can’t have anyone just there along for the ride the way I see a lot play. Hence why I say practice, a lot.
The Wraith is more fragile than you think. Spread out and surround her in a large openish area if possible. Don’t let her supernova more than one hunter. I like Lazarus for the stealth and revive, especially in combination. Just gotta make sure the monster doesn’t eat the dead hunter.
When I play monster and I see Lazarus I either the take him out first or really try to eat the bodies so he can’t revive them, so watch out for that.
Best of luck.