How do you beat Silver Elites as Gorgon?


My build was 1 acid 1 web 1 spider/ feeding speed against WLM - Markov - Val - Hank. Tried to mitigate in first dome, but took a lot of damage. Val’s tranq + WLM’s harpoon kept me in place after the dome dropped so I couldn’t get away. Help.


I would try movement speed as your perk and try ambush the hunters. And remember that caves are your best friend, even if the hunters know that they’ll die in there, smart trappers won’t trap you


Im always using smell distance on all monsters it makes it A LOT easier to sneak around them. Im also just learned that daisy will follow the mimcs trail so when they are not directly on you using the mimic to a different direction will divert them and as long as they dont see the mimic they will be none the wiser. Its not easy because gorgon is really weak right now my build is 1 mim 1 acid and 1 spider. Then 1 snare 2 spider and stage 3 is 1 into snare and 2 in acid.

So stage 3 total is 2 in snare 3 in acid 3 in spider and 1 in mimic