How do you beat Lazarus?


Is he likely to be nerfed at all? I mainly play as the monster and literally have not beaten a team with him on it once. I’ll sit there and spam my attacks on dead bodies for ages and the second I turn away to hit the assault OH look he’s back that cheeky medic!

How the heck am I supposed to beat a perma-invisible no-strike-rezzer?


There are a lot of strategies against Laz. The easiest is if they don’t have Hank, just beat the living shiz out of the trapper when a dome comes down, leave him to get rezzed and get free stage 3 Evolves. Then kill everyone because you are stage 3. There are other threads talking about Laz and imo he is a very swingy medic. He either outright wins the game for you, or you don’t have a medic. Personally, I think he is the weakest of the medics right now.


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If you want to run, kill trapper as maddcow says. Anytime you want to engage them go for Laz and nothing but laz. If you incap him and can exit without any/much health damage you are doing it right. The incap war is a fight between you and laz essentially. If he is on 2 strikes when you get to late game fights then you’re pretty solid. You kill him and no one is healing.

His invis isn’t as good as yo might think. Move around avoiding others until you see him. leap to him and begin wailing. As soon as you see him invis, fire breath that sucker as goliath. Every time you hit an invisible hunter they flash visible. Just don’t let him escape. Once you learn him he’s probably the worst medic.


if you eat the corpse they cannot revive afaik.

(i could be wrong )


You beat him with a stick while he sleeps.

But with his cloak up, and his glove charged… he’s invincible…

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Laz is a one trick pony. Wait for the trick & MDK his ass.


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When im a monster I love seeing laz on the other team regardless of what monster I choose…
If u have goliath save fire breath for when he cloaks easy win

Kraken is prob the trickiest but my method is to bait the dead body wait till u see laz go invi then lighting strike followed by vortex the dead body he may get the downed person up but u get laz down if u hit both

Wraith well do I need to explain

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every monster i know laughts his ass off when fighting lazerus


Its like a free win I swear


Yeah Laz is actually quite easy to deal with… he can be annoying sometimes but… just focus him to force his cloak, turn on hank (if he’s in the game) or any other with no shield until dead… now you know exactly where Laz is going to be.


The better question is how do you win with Laz on your team? Sometimes I can’t be bothered to request my teammate play another medic. Five games in a row not a single rez from level 30 + Laz players because the medic is useless yet people greed for the theoretical win.

Its maddening


Unfortunately (as Laz is my main man when I’m not monstering) it’s pretty easy.

Overall just put strikes on him. Do this by a) wailing on directly b) wailing on someone else and then wailing after the res

You don’t need to camp the body. Let him do the res. So long as you land the strike after. A team follows laz down because he was doing very little healing before his death. When he goes the weakened team follows.


You kill him.


If Laz is on the team, your priority should be to take out the Support (especially if it’s Hank). Once its down, look for Lazarus and go for him. If you cannot see him, he’s likely in cloak ready to move in for a rez. In that case you have two options:

  • Wait by the body to let it rot (risky, but doable)
  • Attack another Hunter to Lure Laz out.

Regardless your goal against Lazarus is to make him reveal himself. Once done harrass him - even if it costs you some health. If you can kill him, he will suffer a strike - as will every other hunter you take out while he’s out of commission.

Your kit will help too against him:

  • Goliath’s Flame Breath reveals cloaked hunters if you hit them
  • Kraken’s mines planted on a body will damage anyone who approached - including lazarus as he attempts to revive.


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