How do you all find this quote? [What is the meaning of life]


What is meaning? Meaning is not simply the referent of which an arbitrary symbol is attached to, for this is a tautologous statement of circular reasoning: that meaning exists only because meaning is granted to symbols, which then tell the meaning. Meaning is not inherent in the cosmos at the very beginning; meaning does not exist in the slightest. For meaning only arises when there comes an intelligent organism that makes sense of it – such as how every point within the cones and rods of a retina link together to form a bigger picture of which it can see. But that is not enough, for a picture which it sees is meaningless by itself. Thus, to see meaning, it must associate that picture with a system of causation which embeds it in a bigger picture – let that bigger picture be, perhaps, that of the schema of the self. But then, that self is meaningless in and by itself. Therefore, to see the meaning of that self, that self has to embed itself in a greater ecology in which it sustains purpose within that broader social system, in which that self learns to love, cherish, give, provide, feel, and think. But that ecology is without meaning by itself. To see itself as meaningful, it has to extend and embed further in the incrustations of an even broader system – its history, for individual moments in time have no meaning, unless related to in a broader context: did the abolition movement during the American civil war seem pointless, or did it in the end, be part of a greater assembly of causes that leads to the eventual deinstitutionalisation of racism in the civil rights movement in the 20th century? But then, such histories are meaningless, unless embedded in a broader system – the cosmos. We see and realise the cycle of birth and rebirth in which every man seeks this method to learn more about every perspective as far as possible, and then to integrate it to see how it all fits together. But then, that is not enough, for what is beyond the self exists the supraconsciousness of all living things – the sentience of the cosmos. It is only in this, through a comparison of our civilization’s history with all other aspects of the multiverse, that we see purpose in it. But that is not enough, for once all is known and well, the cosmos must realise that each atomistic event must be dependent on the substrates of many broader systems, and it is only by completing the cycle by partaking in the act of creation, in the cultivation of that which leads to each own creation, that the cosmos can fully realise this entire chain of being as a complete whole – from nothingness to being, and once again from the light of being into the darkness of non-being in which it was once from, it must go back to.

Thus, meaning is only had when we expand ourselves further and further, to see how we are embedded in a greater whole. There is no meaning in life. Period. There is only the meaning that comes when that life realises that it is part of a great unity. And this extends indefinitely, until the stars have turned cold and the white dwarves of the cosmos have become degenerate with the decay of its protons.

Thus, to see meaning in one’s life – just see what your actions, and how much of an impact, has on others, and how others impact you in turn. This led to an elevated awareness, from which purpose can be obtained – purpose is meaning, and purpose is only realised if the jigsaw knows how it fits into the greater whole.

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I have no idea what you just said, or what that title even means

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It’s part of a 200-page philosophy book that I am authoring right now.


So you mean it’s an actual quote? That totally changes it, I thought this was another galactiod theory. Pity philosophy isn’t my strong point



Not really philosophy. More of spirituality. I am writing a book with 200 spiritual lessons to reflect on.


Even less skilled at that, I wish you good luck though

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@shin I feel like the gif should be posted simply because… Galactoid… That’s why


Not a science thread though. ^.-

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I know but… The gif ;-;


I don’t really think this accounts for those who remove themselves from society. They don’t really impact others, unless one looks at why they decided to remove themselves from society.


dang, what a loaded question and a good approach to the question, one that my brother and i have discussed many a time when we are in our more philisophical discussions.

From the furthest of all perspectives, life in miniscule and insignificant, with no meaning or real purpose as a whole.

At least, that is what I interpreted from the great wall of text. Is that close to your point? :stuck_out_tongue: Im afraid a lot of it was hard to read as one paragraph so it was hard to sink in.

If that’s it I kinda have a different perspective and it didn’t sell me on it but I would think that it is well written.


No, the complete opposite.



Ill just go to the complete corner… ;_;

I think I might’ve gotten it if it was seperated into more digestible paragraphs but idk, I’m no philosopher or english major or really that good at analyzing texts.


The real question is… what or who are you?

When you say “I like apples.”, who do you mean with “I”? Exactly what part of you defines… “you”?

Is it your soul?
No, because people say sentences like “My soul is…”.

Your heart?
Nope. I’ve heard plenty say “My heart…”.

Your brains maybe? I mean, your brain does control everything you do.
But again no; there are enough documentaries and informational books that go “Your brain is the…”.

So what are you? The total picture?
Aha! Even that can’t be true! Jack says “Medic, my everything hurts!”.


My consciousness, which arises as a product of my brain


Not really, because the very first word in your reply already makes it false.

There’s no answer to this. Everytime you try, a bigger image of “me” will be invented at the spot that includes what you thought was you.


Then I would say I consist of a body, and a brain which produces a consciousness.
But that’s a boring answer, when I say consciousness it’s because it’s what defines me, you can replace every other thing and I would still be me, but change consciousness and I am no longer myself

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You see, life’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey and making friends along the way. The search for meaning is, in fact, the very thing that gives our life meaning. So, really, the only true meaning of life is finding your own way to enjoy it.