How do we counter a laz/Hank/jack/hyde comp?

I need some tips. I’m testing this comp out in solo against me. Since I’ve been seeing this comp in ranked a whole lot lately, I’ve decided to just practice against it and boy… Have the results been disasterous. Any help to find a loop hole within this team?

I’m not that good of a monster player, but I’d imagine it’d probably be different for each monster. So do you have a specific monster you want to know this for, or did you want to know for all of them, or knowing which monster is best against it so you can pick it in case it becomes the new meta

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Well, I’ve been using Goliath for the entirety of the solo matches, running perk seems to allow me to catch jack sooner but at the end of the day I end up losing most arenas. I just ran DI and win at least two arenas, but on the down side, I only was able to win by a couple bars of HP.

I ran stage 2

This a very hard combination to fight against especially if the players in general communicate and are very good. I find that the monster you have against this group is particular important. Personally, I would say that Behemoth is a very good counter to this. Behemoth + Laz results in a big advantage for the monster. Just make sure you use rock wall on a dead player to eat them before Lazarus can get in there.

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And behemoth? But wouldn’t he be stopped in his tracks due to jack’s repulsor?


Hyde is the weak point IMO, assuming Hank is being sensible and staying with Jack between you and him, but you need to draw the assault away from the team so you can break LoS.

In theory the way I’d approach it is to try to get Hyde to pop his shield (this goes for Parnell as well I imagine, and Lennox), spend a little time then avoiding his damage and drawing him out of position. Either he follows you and now you have a down and you can position yourself between Jack and the body to ensure that you can get Laz if/when he comes for the revive, or he doesn’t and you can run and stage up?

Just my 2 pence :stuck_out_tongue:

Behemoth is least fussed by Jack TBH, lots of ranged and area denial stuff, he doesn’t necessarily have to worry about Jack at all. Make sure you have tongue grab to bring an incapped/dead body to you so that you don’t need to work through Jack’s repulsor if he’s trying to protect a revive. Plus what Grizzle said about eating behind rockwall as normal.

Going for the assault first? That’s new! :stuck_out_tongue:
I always ran after Hank and laz first, burning through jack’s repulsor… And that brought me good results to a degree. Lol

Going for assault first is, IMO, generally the best thing to do (unless there is a clear opportunity for a quick win on the medic or support). The assault is most likely to follow you in to danger, is most likely to get out of position, and if you manage to down him means that their team is without any meaningful damage dealer for a while.

It’s easy enough to bait out the personal shield, but it is definitely much harder to then actually down the assault in Hank comps, and potentially dangerous in Cabot comps (but then tbh Cabot is primary target).

Yeah Jack isn’t as much of an issue as people make out. Run his capacity out and it’s surprising how much people can get out of position, and with no CC Hank is easier to bear down on.

Flee till three.

Feeding Speed helps.

Behemoth + Tongue Grab is a strong counter to Jack’s repulsor, but TG is unreliable. Behemoth + Rock Wall + Feeding Speed is a strong counter to Laz’s glove, but RW can have gaps. IOW, Bob’s bugs make him an unreliable pick. If you don’t mind losing because of bugs, give Bob a try because when things go right he can shut down Jack hard and that is a very, very satisfying feeling; so is eating a corpse behind a Rock Wall.

Meteor Goliath is a good counter. Good mobility for the “flee” part (which includes avoiding most engagement during the inevitable domes). When it comes time to fight, spread your damage so everyone’s on fire. Make sure your Fire Breath hits multiple hunters and deployables; it range and duration are still good (compared to OG) so you should be able to hit 2-3 hunters and take out deployables. Every ability sets someone on fire; fire DoT eats away at shields. Don’t try and power through any single hunter; keep spreading your attacks, bringing everyone down slowly. If Laz is hiding, you’ll be able to incap multiple hunters in quick succession. If Laz comes in to heal, you need to hit him with an ability so he’s burning then keep him in your rotation of abilities, easiest done with FB if he’s staying in the fray. Sometimes you can down him outright. Other times you down a teammate and bait him out.

Wraith if you learn how to permastun. You can eventually power through Hank’s shield and focus down Laz; ideally you then use abduct to prevent a revive without taking a lot of damage until Laz is dead. Then go armor up and come back and repeat on Hank.

I’m not a good Kraken player so I have no suggestions for it.

###Countering Lazarus:
The easiest way (assuming you are having problems aiming and landing your abilities) is to just max out fire breath and burn Hank to death. He can’t dodge it and Lazarus can’t heal it. Three sprays should give you a guranteed kill.
After that you finish off hank as quickly as possible and then you stay close to the body.
Don’t leave it, incase you get baited and Jack lock you away from the body.

When ~20 seconds have gone and you want to avoid taking too much health damage, you leave in the direction of Lazarus, which chould make him spend some of his jetpack to not get hit. By doing that, you ensure it will take longer than 10 seconds for Laz to reach the body and it will decay.

You quickly eat up to get some armor back and then before Hank comes back, you fire breath Jack to death. Same way you killed Hank. He can’t dodge it, he can’t block it and he can’t outheal it. When he goes down you go directly for Laz. Again, use fire breath.

Alternatively, you can skip Jack and go directly for Lazarus during the second fight. It depends on your confidence and terrain.

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