How do servers find game? is it by region or who is online?


just curious how the game searches for you, I find a game i dont want to play, I leave and search again after the minute penalty, but It puts me back in the game i had just left again and again until the game end, so I either play or I sit and wait for it to be over.

is there anything i can do to help search other regions if thats the issue? thanks for reading :slightly_smiling:


I always assumed it was region but I once played with a man in Egypt and I have met a few players in Germany and Norway and I’m American so that blows region out of the water.


I dunno what the what the story is so, I leave a game and keep gettin thrown back into the same lobby again and again, in contrast with gtav you just dont see that, its like the people in the lobby are the only people in the world that are playin


It probably takes region into account, but its not the main criteria, because i mostly play with users from other regions.
The main criteria for matching you up with a player is probably your skill level, and your preference. And…i think your waiting time as well.

Evolve isnt in the top most played steam games list, so it has less than 2000 players online( at highest peak ). When i usually play, there are very few players online…probably less than 10-20, so i pretty much have to wait quite a while, and then get matched with same faces most of the time.

I think that ideally the search tries to match you with monsters with same rank as you, from same region as you, while also taking account your hunter role preference.
If you want to play as an assault, but get placed into a team where other players also prefer assault, it probably means there werent enough players online to make the “perfect” match, and it compromised. In that case…leaving and rejoining is unlikely to help.


cheers, TRS really need to do something to improve these numbers, making it free to play wouldnt work, they are likely to get people thinking ( no wonder it was attitude ), but they should probably do it free sor 2 weeks or maybe a month to get people to play long enough to learn it and a couple might buy some dlc in this free period, when people buy the dlc they will be more likely to stay online, But its really should be aggressively advertised if that was to occur :slightly_smiling: