How do points actually work?

So I got matched up against 1 silver skilled and 3 bronze destroyers, I’m silver destroyer #2, I went stage 2 then decided to fight them. I killed medic assault and support, then trapper decides to dome me so I evolve right in front of him. As I’m evolving a mamoth bird kills him and I win and get 44 points? Just how does the game decide that I get 44 instead of 1?

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It decides by how easy it hard the competition is, for example if you had a really OP hunter team up against you, they are like Gold Skilled, and you ended up beating them as a Silver Master for example, you would get a lot of points.

Whole meanwhile if you went up against a team of Bronze Elites and won, you wouldn’t get as much points because it would’ve been easier for you.

But every game has been easy, I was stage 1 ing everyone, I only went stage 2 to test if I got more points, not sure why I’m getting 44 when I could play the same team again and only get 1?

But when did you kill them? What stage?

Stage 2 but last hunter died while evolving to stage 3

Then I really don’t know why sometimes it would give you 1 point and other times 44. Especially if the same thing happens a lot, sorry :frowning:

I win most of my matches stage 2, fought same combination as you did and gained 34 points in 5 game win streak.

Glitched game loss just before took 43 from me.

All balanced haha *wipes tear

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43? Ouch that sounds pqinful

I have noticed that regardless of win/loss streak, health, stage, etc, you always lose more points than you gain per match.

I don’t think the amount of points you get has a lot to do with rank of your opponent. It should, I know… but it just doesn’t.

For example, my team of silver masters managed to defeat gold expert monster, that’s a difference of 4 ranks. One of our guys got 3 points.


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