How do perks stack?


I was wondering how the perks stack?

For example, if I have the silver and gold skill cooldown reduction (7% for silver, 12% for gold, both rank 1), is it an addition, so I get 19% cooldown reduction, or is it some kind of multiplication of percentages that gives me an effective 14-15% (sorry, been out of school for a long time)?


It’s additive apparantly, so a 5%, 10% and 15% perk in all tiers will become 30%.


however, if you get a map perk, then your character will simply use the higher value total. They dont stack with map perks


You mean creature perks? I’ve never seen a creature perk lowering ability cool down, but yea, thanks for letting me know.

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Good to hear that the perks percentages pre-game are added together in a simplified, straightforward way.

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Elite Megamouth reduces your class cooldown by Edit: 25% according to @taskforcem85


25% the same as t2+t3 Class CDR