How do people fight with behemoth at stage 1?


he has no redeming qualities for stage 1 fights, his armor is weak, is abilities are jokes when the yre not lvl 2 or 3, you can always keep up with him, and everything coded in the game stops, deflects or slow his roll whiich is also weak and a fucking joke, even somone whose gold told to flee till 3 with behemoth, why say that monsters should fight early more if he can t i dont get it


I’d like to know how people fight as stage 1 behemoth too. Mainly because I suck with him though. :smile:


to win as a stage 1 behemoth you need to be in a cave with 1 point into lava bomb and 2 into fissure or if you use lava bomb more then the other way around also ability cool down or attack increase are good perks for a stage 1, that’s it. i’m a very good behemoth player and its actually not difficult to play as him you just need to learn him very well. i’d suggest taking cool down or stamina recharge if you just want to play with him to stage 2 or 3 and try not to get caught in the open.


I have no problem fighting and even getting strikes with stage 1 behemoth you just have to know how to combo his abilities well.

  1. Only choose him on certain maps.
  2. Know and practice a good feeding route that ends in a favorable dome location
  3. Potentially take feeding speed perk unless you want to gamble on the Basking Cephaladon buff (Aviary has one on a good Behemoth feeding route)
  4. Speed feed and evolve to Stage 2 even if it means cocoon damage unless hunters literally have LOS on you
  5. Mitigate this dome
  6. Proceed with having a small chance at victory in subsequent fights


You are a very biased Behemoth “Main”


7. pray for there being no griffin


or jack too


yes, or any area-denial character.


well we can deal with any hunters, just depends on the stage


you aint supposed to win at stage 1 ya know


you re supposed to fight at stage 1 thats for sure, so that you can win at other stages


i said win,not fight


Yes, but possibly rightfully so. I play him on PC.


Put all your points into lava bomb and don’t play him on stupid maps.


The only Behemoth fight at S1 is using their cockiness/confidence against them. You need 1 in Fissure, LB, and Tongue Grab or you’d have no S1 fight. Only hit them if you have to, but as soon as you realize have to, commit and go in 100%. Roll in, find anyone isolated, TG them into a LB, then Fissure pounce. If their team isn’t nearby within a few seconds, it’s a death penalty. They’ll often be split up S1 because they aren’t expecting aggression so when you hit them, hit them as aggressively and quickly as you can. DO NOT attack if you don’t think you can get a strike, losing a fight at S1 is bad.

Basically what i mean to convey is that you must use you being S1 to your advantage but only when you need to fight S1. You’re taking a big risk fighting that way, you need to go all out and get that strike quick before they can form a team and survive. You need to use guerilla warfare, hit them where and when they won’t expect. You need Tongue grab, Lava Bomb, and Fissure to maximize damage and keep them close. Only fight S1 when you must but when you do, don’t screw around. Don’t fight like you’re scared or you won’t do damage, fight like you want them dead immediately until you have to leave, the leave immediately, strike or no. It’s better to leave without progress and lose a bar than to get a strike S1, lose half your health, and be scared on the run the rest of the game.


If they dont hv Laz I won alot Matches at Stage 1 Tounge Grab + Fissure 4 the Win


You don’t. Unless you’re in pubs.

But against a good team, yeah, you don’t.


Of all the monsters Behemoth is by far the weakest at stage 1. Big and slow means little mitigation or dodging compared to the other monsters. Your best bet is to get to S2 as soon as you can, I often run feeding perk just to try to avoid S1 fights. Many times I’ve been killed in one dome at S1 as Behemoth because he can’t mitigate unless in a good dome.


Yeah behemoth is rough at stage one unless they are super overconfident. I normally have here in lava bomb and hide until stage two.