How do people evolve fast to Stage 2?


When I play hunters often time monster is stage ~30 seconds after I drop, when I play monster I am only halfway done with my feedingā€¦ Since I like to engage allot at stage 2 I would love to be able to skip all the sneaking that I typically do at stage 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


They go straight to large monsters or find a huge pack of trapjaws.


Know the feeding spots, feeding speed etc etc


A little thing I like to call skill.


Just follow the 3 steps:

Step 1, Juke the hunters and laugh

Step 2, eat like a really hungry dinosaur after donuts

Step 3, repeat.


Feeding speed perk helps a lot


Feed speed plus stryder or reaver PACKs killed at once with a skill.


Ah i forgot step 4: Find the albino cephalodon ( 100% feeding speed, JESUS CHRIST )