How do medics come back from the dead?


I killed the medic, actually dead then leave to look back and see all 4 players still alive?

not sure which medic it was i’m guessing laz, but this small issue just cost me the game in the end,


Dropship timer? Or maybe he was being shielded and still alive.

If Laz died, he can’t revive himself.


It could be Emet. I mean, maybe he was brought back by a respawn beacon he had placed earlier?


If you did outright KILL him, and not just down him, then it’s likely that Bot’s explanation occurred.

If you downed them and they got up almost immediately, it still could’ve been Emet or Rogue Val with their passive healing.


whats the Bot’s explanation?

I didnt see any beacons around and they are pretty obvious,I got the medic down,I leap smashed and rock throw and fire breath on the medic until I was sure it was dead, But turned around it was back!


That’s Bot’s explanation.

Beacon still could’ve been hidden a ways away and the beam could’ve been hidden by large structures. Again, if they were dead, a banner would’ve come up saying they were. If you didn’t see that banner, they weren’t dead, and could’ve been picked up by a teammate, buoys, or passive RV heals.


Bot’s explication was that. :slightly_smiling:

What platform are you on? I’m assuming you don’t have a video either?


get ninja’d, kid

Another helpful bit of info would be what map you were on. That could help a lot in discerning the cause of this.


This would only work however if there was a previously dead Hunter.


One of these possible options

Respawn Beacon
You didn’t kill the medic
Dropship timer
You killed someone and you thought he was the medic but he wasn’t and then laz revived
You killed daisy . The medic dropped from drapship with her


There are many times I think I have outright killed a hunter only to see then back up shortly after


yep this was dead, banner only short of having bells on it


weather control tower map


Was Maggie the Trapper? If Daisy had died and triggered the Ship Timer, it could have caused the Medic to come back earlier than you’d have thought.


Let me guess: you were in the caves?


It was down near caves but not in the caves, it was like the end of the map with the buildings in the open cave


It was quite possibly Emet with a beacon outside the caves, or in a seperate area of them that just wasn’t visible to you.


so is it confirmed that E.M.E.T was the medic?


Not confirmed, but more than likely.


If you’re on xbox then you can double tap the home button and press X to record a clip. The clip will be about 30 seconds and the end of the clip will be the moment you hit take a clip. It’s very useful for capturing anything that just happened that you feel is a bug or anything strange really. :wink: