How Do I Use Twitch With Advanced Techniques?


So I’m a video editor and I know how to do all these crazy effects with the right software but on Twitch it’s different as it’s live. I’ve seen streamers who have banners, music in the background, facecams up, audio from like 3 different things, and more and I’m wondering, how do I do this?


I’m going to summon some of the streamers I know to try and help you out with this- @Plaff @MaddCow.


So I don’t really use many of the advanced settings because I am quite the minimalist when it comes to these things. That being said, there are many good guides out there to help make your twitch channel look different.

This is a good starting spot with links towards explaining the different terms that twitch uses and how to work with that. Once you learn how to do this on Twitch’s end, then you can learn more about your specific streaming software.