How do I unlock badge colours?


It’s killing me, can’t put together a coherent badge without it.


You aren’t able to adjust them in your profile??


No, a lot of the badge colors are showing up locked. I can confirm this.


Ahh, I confess I haven’t played around much with the customization. In that case its just progression!


Haven’t seen any unlocks for it in progression either, just recently hit rank 20.

Something to note, it’s not all badges that have locked colors. Another thing, when they are locked its all colors except a row of colors in a single color column. It seems odd.


I’ve seen this too but haven’t heard word from the Devs about it.
It’s either in the progression, which is a bit odd, or it’s coming later to the game because the Devs have stated there’s more to come for customization. It may be part of what they’re talking about there.


Can confirm, it’s intended and they’re part of the new progression system!

TU9 Badge Issue [not a bug]

You unlock columns of colors through character progression, account progression, and punchcard rewards. There will be more ways to get them in the future as well.

The Default Badges everyone gets and the Founder exclusive badges are the exception. All swatches on those are unlocked by default

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Why colours on all the emblems are locked?

Does anybody else feel like the lock on columns of colours is a bit too restrictive? Ideally, I would prefer no colour locking so I don’t have to grind too long (for what I assume to be 20+ levels since I cannot see any colour unlocks in 1-20 progression) with an abomination of colours in my badge.

A compromise I’d be happy with is locking rows instead of columns of colours, so I could at least get to the hue I want.


You can bypass the lock by selecting the colour and accept but does only work with the colours on the sides. Works also with primary and secondary but only after accepting the first and then changing the second.


I…Don’t have any colors locked? I’ll double check, but I am 99% sure that I never, ever had any badge colors locked.

Edited- Okay, nevermind. The background colors are locked. My mistake. Still, I like that it has the cyan column unlocked initially. I like cyan.


Considering the dev response, this is either misinformation or a bug.


Let’s call it bug abusing ^^