How do I twitch?



Have been starting to use my twitch account for more than just watching others, I’ve recently started to use the stream function on my PS4 and have just been streaming whatever I play. (Lately, Rainbow Six, Fallout 4, and some Evolve here and there).

So those with a Twitch account, how do you get your channel out there?


Put your twitch in your bio on the forums. Spread your name around to some friends. Stream regularly. Stream popular games. Stream for more then 2 hours so you can gain some viewers. Provide commentary if you can, makes the stream more entertaining.
Try to make friends with some twitch users as well so you can get hosted and such.


Thank you, yeah I just started to use the broadcast function on the ps4 and thought I would give streaming a go!

Edit: wanna check out my channel some time? Go ahead :wink: same name as on here. Also do you stream much, always down to support others :slight_smile:


I stream quite often as well. Look me up TheRubexCube

Leave yours here too. I will gladly follow you sir.


Thanks! I appreciate it, I will go ahead and follow you when I’m on later!

My name is the same as on here, Daisy_Slayer


Sounds good. I will do the same.


Actually no I don’t stream much. I just do it whenever I feel I suppose… I also use the PS4 feature, it’s kinda fun… I’ve been getting more into posting and edititng videos on YouTube. I’m thinking of starting a walkthrough .


@Daisy_Slayer let me know when you want to play, almost always need a fifth.


Puddin’ you could be interested in read my thread “support evolve future” we need more people like you.



For sure, I was referring to the Twitch app though not the operator haha. Unless you were just saying I could join ya.

I need to get some cool gun skins now that I have everyone unlocked.


Alright, so instead of making a new topic. I’ll just bump this and hope it can some attention; I would like to grow my channel and show support to others as well. So let’s kind of make this like a “LFG” thread and post your twitch accounts, and maybe we can even find others to play with (not just Evolve but other games as well).

My twitch is under my profile but it is --> <— currently I stream: Fallout 4, Rainbow Six, Evolve, and Battlefront. Just starting out but always looking to improve and get out there!


I kinda just skimmed through it. Was kinda too long haha but anything to help I’m down. I’ll go and check you out if you have a twitch.



I knew that…


:joy::joy: sure you did. KappaRoss


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