How do I see that a code was accepted?


Will i get a email if the code is accepted? My problem is when i finally submit the Code the next site did not load completely? Does it means that the code was already in use?


Yes, when the page does not load it says in the webpage codeallreadyused. You need to be fast with clicking submitting 2 times. If you got it you will go to a page that says : Succes you have entered etc.
Dont stop trying! Good luck :wink:


If you just got the footprint then most likely you hit a page where the url ends with sorrycodeused.php You need to hit a second page where you click submit then you get a Success! page followed with your info and a confirmation code.


When mine was accepted, it showed a confirmation page saying “Success, you have been entered to participate in the Evolve Big Alpha” then all of the information I entered was below