How do I report bugs without posting them public?


message someone or?..


If for whatever reason you do not wish to report them publicly you can Private Message them to developers- MacMan, SlabOMeat, MajorLeeHyper, etc.


Will they actually read them or do I need to make a fuss on forums?


They’ll likely read them. They are busy so expect them to take some time but they read all of our bugs.

And if it’s worthy of a private message, I’d imagine they’d get to it pretty quickly.


Ok thanks. Nothing major, just something that’s easily abused, don’t want it in every game I join


You should send it to @DamJess as well since she helps to collect and catalogue the Bugs for t the team.


You can message myself or @MrStrategio


You can e-mail issues to
If it’s a simple bug issue just message it to us.
MacMan and SlabOMeat are the co-founders and head up design, balance, art and generic topics, but end up pushing bugs to us over in QA.