How do I recommend Evolve to my friends?


I really love the game, though I am still very vocal of its flaws. but I’m having trouble helping the game get more players in by the means of my friends.

Getting ready to recruit new meat to sacrifice the new monster to.

like what nice things about the game can I say that might appeal them into looking into considering the game?

I do have to be honest with them about in the things wrong with the game and they do have concerns about the game like:

  1. the price, a lot of people are hit by this big wall first.
  • the big pay wall that’s holding them back when everything else wrong they can overlook but the paywall always holds them back.

  1. DLCs,
  • I can usually dance around this subject with them to persuade their interest but I’ve found that PC players are very anti DLCs and have trouble making them consider a few on this subject.
  1. Game has a pretty intimidating problems with Bugs and Balancing
  • bug fixes, micro Patches and Balance updates can take months for them to get through. If I have gotten some people this far into buying the game I run the problem of them not wanting to commit long enough to enjoy the progress they’ve made because they’re so turned off by the problems they can’t enjoy the good parts.
  1. population is quite low
  • population is a real problem on PC right now a lot of players who are interested in the game hold back because they’re worried about the population, coupled match making is pain in the buttocks and is still very unstable. I’m having a real hard time recruiting new hunters.
  1. How do I not sound like a kiss ass in the processes?
  • my enthusiasm for the game could be misinterpreted as brown nosing and I would really like to avoid that.

Why can’t it be easier like recommending a Lana Del Rey demo to someone. Sigh…


Tell them you have fun, they’ll buy the DLC when they either play it, or play against it.

The best thing the game has going for it is that it is fun, once they play it they will understand what we already know!


Why don’t you start by telling your friends what you like about the game and not point out what you believe to be the flaws.

I got a few friends into this game by selling it to them. But I didn’t lie. I love everything about this game. I like the fact that we get maps and modes for free. Unlike most people I don’t have an issue with dlc. Especially when most of it is cosmetic that I don’t have to buy. It’s not a lay to win game either, so I buy what I want because I want to.

You could even let your friends play your copy first to see if they enjoy it. Just my two cents.

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Play some Solo as the Monster to show them the ropes then give them a go afterwards.
Try to avoid matchmaking during their first impressions, haha.


I managed to persuade my friend to buy the game, and he couldn’t even play it on his laptop :wink:

I just talked about map the cool new hunters and updates and everything good about the game, until he started asking questions about it, and I began to suggest him buying it.

On terms of low player base, its certainly not going to be fixed by people not buying the game :wink:


I actually own 3 copies of Evolve (one if my primary with the DLC). and i let my friends try out Evolve when we’re at the local Gaming/LAN Center by using my extra accounts.

However, this involves a little more investment. lol.

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  1. The “pay wall” (I hate that term…) is now only $20 to $30 as opposed to the $60 at release.
  2. DLC is DLC, any game that wants to be supported and developed long term needs a way to keep paying for such updates. That’s just the way it is and frankly it makes sense.
  3. There are bugs and there are balance issues, certainly. None of it has ever been “game breaking” to me (including launch version Wraith) but everyone is different.
  4. The population has gone up and I don’t find it is that much of an issue when each match only needs 5 players.
  5. That’s really on you.


  1. I agree with thing. as with any game involving competitive team play among different combinations of characters. balance patches are most certainly gonna be continuous. The bugs are a side effect of releasing new content and creating balance patches. Anyone who plays evolve and expects it to be perfect needs to learn this early.

  2. The population has gone up enough to make it a little better. instead of having 100-300 players, we can go up to 200-500 players at peak times.


I agree. Man I’d love to buy a sandwich but the paywall is too damn high. It’s called a price, paywalls are supposed to mean some of the stuff is walled off. I’m glad I’m not the only who hates that phrase!


I’m with both of you on that.

“Pay Wall” is too generalized as a term. Pay Wall could include yous bills and such at that point.

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Lamborghini pay wall too high, pliz nerf

Also has way too much DLC, I want continual upgrades to the engine, audio system, and tires for free.

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I thought pay wall referred to DLC - stuff you could only get by paying (after buying the base game of course)


You don’t recommend EVOLVE

You live EVOLVE

Freaking brainwash them like in a clock work orange if necessary’71.jpg

Good luck, soldier


Me too, but from the post and how it is separate from DLC part I assumed Paywall was used in place of Price.