How do I properly use banshee mines?

So with the challenge weekend I thought it would be a good time to try and get better with Kraken. He’s easily my weakest monster and the one I have the least experience with, but is it just me or are banshee mines… kind of useless right now?

Either that or I’m not using them right. Either way, I would put 2-3 points into them as the game went on, but I could never break 1000 damage with them, when I remember them being a good source of damage the last time I used to play Kraken (about 3 months ago) but now they seem utterly worthless.

So how do I use them properly with their changes now? Or is it just not even worth putting points into the skill?

I personally don’t waste my time with Banshee mines anymore. They’re completely useless to me.

Best way I use them is as bullets aim directly at your target with that reticle on the center of the screen ands fire either that or place then around the battle field to control hunters movement also u can normally fire one behind a hunter and lightning in front of them for almost guaranteed damage but you have to be using them wrong banshee mines easily do the most damage of the four abilities I rarely do less than 16k damage with that ability alone regardless of game mode

A… Ar… Are you serious o.O?

Well you kinda have to shoot them directly at hunters to be any sort of effective. Markov’s LG still chains from kraken to them. The only thing stopping that instantly is the I-frames they got in the hotfix. Of course this can be countered by just shooting bullets at kraken’s head which destroy the BM’s almost immediately after they leave his mouth.

Yes, one mine per point discourages me from ever even trying to use them.

Most of the time Banshees i used for distraction and a combo Piece. maybe ou have not heard about the one shot combo with vortex into banshee into Lighting instakills a hunter without any other hunter interactions.

You can’t kill a hunter with that combo. The dmg won’t get to 1600.

i mean with 3 points lightning 1 point banshee and 2 point vortex

Still won’t one shot a hunter. Vt into Ls does 1003dmg. BM don’t deal 450+ dmg.

hm i guess with some snoballs added to the mix :stuck_out_tongue:
i just now that i have done it it was propably some normal attacks included.

If it was a OHC then it would be talked about alot.

Conju is also known for running damage increase- Combine damage increase, and elite mastery, and a 2v+1bm+3ls will do just under 1500 damage. Instantly. Following it up with a heavy (ever checked the range of a stage 2 krakens melee, btw?), or ANY melee really for that matter, will down the hunter- Within about 1-2 seconds. Of course, the kraken could just also snowball you a couple of times before setting things up- which is all he needs to do, for this combo to down (and even with the snowball drop off damage for range, a couple is really all he needs from anywhere)

When using the ACTUAL combo in question

A stage 1 elite kraken, with damage increase, can dish out 1663 damage, all under 2 seconds after the first ability lands. This is stage 1.

If theyre not taking damage increase, itll do 1514 damage. Again, stage 1.

As for the banshees themselves, without getting Too into details- Theres ways around this.

This counter, shooting bullets at krakens head to destroy banshees almost immediately after they leave his mouth, doesnt really work.

They have half a second of invulnerability to them. This doesnt sound like much, but an invulnerable banshee can cover a lot of distance in this time frame. Its not hard to get familiar with the distance they can go “before theyre vulnerable”, and use this to your advantage as a kraken. Spitting them behind the person youre going after, for example. You can plink at the banshee coming towards you all you like, by the time its vulnerable, itll be behind your back. Leaving you the option of trying to 180 it and shoot it (youll have half a second to do so), or hoping your team does it for you.

Which causes it to explode behind you.

Tumbling you.

Which sets you up for particular things…

A lot of people seem to be under the impression banshees were nerfed because you have to put points into them now to be able to spit more of them out. But this seemingly simple change, has had some rather “interesting” side effects that I dont think were intentional. Banshees are much stronger than they were before. IMO of course.

I got 1453 dmg from 1 LS+1BM+1VT combo. Behemoth can almost do that much dmg with just fissure and TG abilties (with heavy melee as well). And his isn’t dodgeable once you’re hit by Tg.

Kraken’s combo’s are all dodgeable.