How do i play Evolve for PC?


Download Evolve alpha for PC?

is it steam only or is there a better place, something on TRS or 2K like a client i can use?


It is through steam. If you signed up for the Alpha then check your email these next couple days, they are sending out codes to redeem on steam and download. It will allow you to pre-download it and the game will be available to play for PC and PS4 on Friday 9am PST for Xbox One it is tomorrow 9am PST


damnit i really hate steam. where do i input a code for evolve then?


Click Games at the top then “Activate a Product on Steam…”


Games -> Activate a Product/Game on Steam -> input your code. Should show up in your library.


I BEAT YOU BY 10 SECONDS now you lose your alpha access and I get double

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thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Im glad i at least got my PC code. My xbox pre order code hasnt arrived :confused: luckily a nice fellow who is now my friend from these forums had an extra!