How do i play Deepest Dark?


I’m not sure what is going on, I select coop vs ai and get hunt every time.

I have tried queing for it probably 10 times, is it something you can only play in rotation and will never be the first match?

I am a monster player, but want to check it out, I shouldnt have to play a bunch of regular vs AI matches to just try the mode out.

Oh is it selectable in customs or some other way?

Why make a cool new mode and hide it in coop general? Ashamed of it?

I hear its easy too, is it based off player level or its just a base difficulty for everyone? Would be nice to have a insane mode or something. We have all met those AI goliaths on crack, something like that.


It was build entirely for co-op, unfortunately, as it is more of a story mode mission than a hunt match, so it is locked there. I don’t think you can randomly role in in solo mode like Cataclysm or Overpowered, either, but I could be wrong.

So yes, you have to play co-op until the rotation lands on Deepest Dark. There’s no special way to go about it.

As for difficulty, it’s fairly easy until they implement higher difficulty ratings.


I wanted to help with the weekend challenge but never got a match, and i wont play several other matches just to play 1 match, lol.

So if they didnt make the quota I see clearly why.

Guess i’ll have to pass, its too bad as Gorgon is my favorite monster.


The event was co-op matches in general, not Deepest Dark specifically. But it still fell short, sadly.

It would be nice if you could select the map in solo at the very least.


It’s the mode for hunters only. You can’t play deepest dark as a monster


Yeah i know, but I like Gorgon is all and this mode features her as the star.

I like seeing my baby in the spot light.