How do i play Caira the Medic


I got the pre order but she is still locked up, how do i unlock her for play?


Preorder doesn’t give you Caira… You have to unlock her by getting 1 star for each of Lazarus’ abilities…


…and to get lazarus, rank up with Val.

Just making everything as clear as it can get :wink:


If you are on Xbox, you have to download the Tier 3 character unlock in your preorder package. Go to the preorder, and there are a number of items beyond the game itself (skins, etc).


So i did not unlock her for pre order i just got the character added to my list of characters i need to unlock?

  1. Play Val, get 1 star in each of her weapon masteries which unlocks Lazarus.

  2. Play Lazarus and get 1 star in all of his weapon masteries as well.

  3. BOOM you now have Caira.


When I go to Manage Game on the Xbox One it shows Evolve as downloaded and there is a second download for the Goliath Savage Skin. I do not see a download for the 3rd Character Set. Should there be a download for the 3rd Character Set? My email receipt from Microsoft shows “Evolve Pre-Order + Third Characters Set”


Go to the Xbox Store and look up Evolve. Select whichever pre-order version you bought, and within it there should be a number of items (Savage Goliath Skin, Behemoth, etc). One of them should be called something like “Tier 3 Character Unlock” or something similar. Install that and you should have the Tier 3 characters without having to level up your Tier 2 characters.

I took me awhile to figure this out as well…its not very obvious.


I’m on ps4 it only showed the molten skins


No idea how it works on PS4, sorry. Was Tier 3 unlock even something offered for PS4 preorders?


I can’t find it at all.


Well, I pre-ordered and got the third character set unlock. I was able to play as all of the 3rd tier characters, including Caira, because she’s my favorite. I got on Evolve today with my friend and she was locked along with all the other tier 3 characters, I was freaking out, so I quit the game, loaded it back up and she was unlocked again.


HELP!! I love using Caira but I can’t level up the healing granade launcher to 2 stars it says “Revive 15 teammates” I’ve revived them normally by holding the square button… I’ve revived them with the healing grenades by just shooting grenades at them until the skull gets full and nothing seems to work it doesn’t count them I’m at 0/15… I tried doing it in evacuation thinking maybe it’s the game mode and still doesn’t work I tried doing it with 2 or 3 star perks and it doesn’t work Please help I can’t level up because I’m stuck with that one weapon at 1 star