How do I Karken?


I swear, everyone is talking about how OP Kraken is but I can’t even win at Stage 3 ~.~
I can’t even beat Laz, and I usually laugh in the hunters face when I see Laz.

So yeah.
Kraken tips.
Anyone got some?


camp bodies in the air by spamming those little electric balls , it cancels laz resurrections, and it’s extremely annoying


I chain attacks a lot. Spread them out with a lightning strike and then I would land and focus Laz. Vortex and banshee mines and if he is still alive one melee should do it. Probably not recommended by high level players but I play Goliath and this is the aggressive style I like


Try 2 in vortex, 1 in lightning at Stage 1. Take traversal recharge or feeding speed as your perk. I generally disregard stealth, but if you are good at that, go ahead. Get your first few meals by using vortex on mammoth birds, optimally. DONT USE LIGHTING STRIKE FOR FEEDING, it just reveals your position. Get to Stage 2 quickly and without taking damage, if possible.

Stage 2, take 2 more in LS, 1 in VX. Armor up, and then scare some birds by a big, nasty wildlife which you are going to KEEP ALIVE. Let the hunters come, distract them from killing the wildlife, and it will do half the work for you. Stay in the air to avoid getting hit by it. My standard combo is Vortex, and as soon as you’ve hit the button for vortex, hit LS as well. They will tumble backwards into your lightning strike and go down pretty quick. Counter Laz by either killing him first or spamming auto-attacks at the body. Don’t use abilities besides vortex, because these have wind ups that will allow him to rez.

If you don’t straight out win, try not to lose too much health, get Stage 3, take 3 in banshee mines, and go to town.

I haven’t lost a game as Kraken this weekend, and half of them were versus a Laz.

Pro tip: Practice your skill shots, like vortex and lightning strike. Time the combos right, and it should feel comfortable. Practice makes perfect.


This but 1-2 points in banshee mines and 1-2 in vortex. Mines are amazing against laz and are just amazing utility in general.


You mean Lazurrecion :wink:


To land Lightning Strikes move to left or right of your target while trying to land it. Because you move at full speed it is extremely easy to land.

To land Aftershock use a traversal just before you press Aftershock: You can basically rush and destroy any hunter who wants to get out of Aftershock range.

Put 2 points in Vortex and use it to drop hunters from pillars.

Spam Banshee mines but dont fire them all of at once but instead spread them out more and in return you have a nearly endless supply of Banshee Mines to go by.

Thats some of the stuff that came off the top of my hat.

(As if you need any help anyway. Im on to you Quir >_>)


I personally like 2 vortex 1 mine stage 1. 3 Aftershock (if against Laz/Slim) stage 2. If against Caira/Val I go 3 points in lighting strike stage 2. At stage 3 I pick up either aftershock or lightning strike depending on which comp I’m against.


Here we see the Turtle Rock employee in its natural habitat.



I didn’t lose a single match over the weekend playing kraken, and I rarely play him.

2 banshee mine 1 vortex at stage one with move speed perk. Run and feed with vortex and banshee mines and evolve to stage 2 asap. throw 3 into lightning strike, find a perk and engage.

Stay in the air and focus on one person with lightning strike (to take him/her down to 1/2 health) and spam banshee mines and regular attacks until down.

Rinse, repeat.


Kraken is suppose to have an advantage over laz XD


Dont worry, i used to wreck with the kraken until i took a long break from him. I came back and now im horrible. I cant escape from hunters, it seems like theyre always ontop of me. I cant ever land LS these days, they either get dodged or dont go off. And my traversals make me slide instead of glide half of the time. T.T lost my favorite monster almost.


It’s probably just your play style. Any monster can be op if your good with it. My op monster is Wraith despite it being re-balanced a while ago. Im also bad with kraken, fighting one is a pain but i never got on the Kraken train. P.S, stay high up and away during combat, IMO Kraken is the easiest monster to get head shots on.


A little off but I want to buy Behemoth today so can anyone tell how do I Behemoth then? Not to create one more “how do I” thread.


Use aftershock to scatter the hunters then pick them off with a lightning strike


Get far away and feed on big groups of wildlife if you can. Try to roll as far away from hunters so you can build up full traversal to get away from them when they find you again, dont get caught low on stamina you WILL get domed (by any semi-competent trapper) . Caves are your preferred area to fight. Tounge grab is a great combo starter, use it to pull hunters away from the group and rock wall them in so your alone with them breifly. This is when you destroy whoever it is, and move on to the next person. Try not to stand still, your fucking huge so your an easy target. Stay away from areas with lots of cliffs, good playrs will massacre you using the terrain. Of course, play smart, eat like the fatty the behemoth is and try not to go stage 3 so you can pick your area to fight.