How do I go up as Kraken?


Pressing Spacebar is supposed to make you go up, right? And if you’re in combat then you stay in hover mode and can’t go down unless CC’d. At least that is what I thought.

I think I am missing some game files that make me stay up in the air or make me get up in the air if I press Spacebar. It seems like whenever I play Kraken and want to go up he does a little burst that goes about 1 meter into the air. Do I have to redownload the game to fix it?


Are you using your traversal button while moving forward, or standing still?


Tried both. Still don’t go up as much as I need to. Must be some weird bug with my game.


And are you looking up when you do it? I don’t know enough about Kraken to be sure of what the issue is here for you but hoping that this is the kind of information that someone who plays Kraken can give you some advice on. I doubt it’s a bug with your game.


Not an expert Kraken here but in my experience you need to look up and press Space to gain altitude.


Ah whatever, I guess I will just have to get better with Goliath as I don’t understand Kraken’s flight at all.


Aim down, fly backwards and traversal.


Aaah, I must try that. That would be so much better because you would actually be able to keep the hunters in sight while gaining height. :smile:



Your traversal goes in the direction you are moving

Press W + space and you go forward.
Look up and press W + space and you go upwards.
Look down and press S + space and you go upwards. (< more useful in combat than looking up)

Press A + space and you go left.
Press D + space and you go right.

Use the sneak button to drop down quickly.

There’s also a height limit, so you can’t gain more height if you are already high enough.


The height limit changes too, depending on where you are.

It’s always the same distance from the ground below you.


Not true, for example, i hope it is a bug, in a defense map, which i don’t remember the name, there is the last generator down in a lower floor and there is a huge open space above it. Weirdly, on the open space higher floor, the kraken can’t get higher than a 2/3 meters. I hope that it is a bug…


Aim up, move forward and traversal, OR
Aim down, move back and traversal, OR
Don’t move at all, and press traversal whilst stationary.

There is a ceiling for Kraken (maximum altitude), and it’s quite low. As you go over terrain, if there is a bump, you will go up a bit, and if there’s a ditch, you will fall. This can be quite frustrating, so be mindful of this.

Practice around in Solo. It’s not that hard to get your head around. The traversal is an air burst that will give a burst in the direction that you are moving. If stationary, it will boost you upwards.


I’m in hpthe ps4 so I’m not sure it will be same…but to go up you have to be aiming up to do so.


Moving backwards and pressing traversal is the best and easiest way to get in the air. One thing to note is that you will slowly be pulled down at all times no matter what, so you have to keep using traversals to stay in the air.



except if in combat, you can stay at the same altitude if you don’t move at all. You won’t drop unless you get CC’d, or start moving around again.


Kraken will still slowly float towards the ground if he’s flying, so you need to use a traversal every once in a while.


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