How do I get those tutorial videos from each class?


Hello, guys! Its me again!

I continue to write a portuguese brazilian guide for Evolve and now im writing about the classes of it. I thought that would be awesome if to ilustrate each hunter and monster I use that tutorials videos from the very first time that a player play with each one and subtitle them (the videos, heh).

This could be possible? Those videos are avaliable on internet? How can I get it?

Again, sorry for my bad english :frowning:

Another question, i’m fucking dying of anxiety for the tech tests on PC next week. I know that theres not gonna have the Evacuation Mode, but thats ok, I can wait. But… There’s gonna be the other modes or, again, it will only have Hunt mode?


For PC it will be Hunt only, with Goliath, Kraken, and the first two sets of hunters.

None of the new content will be available for PC, unfortunately. :frowning:

As to where to find the videos… I mean, perhaps you could siphon it from the live stream if you like, recorded their VoD but I don’t know how efficient that is (A video of a video of a video of a tutorial). xD Perhaps someone knows more, or can record one for you @MaddCow?


Nothing new… :cry:


I used mine as I tried to have no background sound running while they were playing, however, a few of them I needed to go online to get as it had audio issues.


Can’t you use maps other than the 4 that were in the alpha?


You can. We’ll have 12 maps instead of 4.


On PC 16th January?

Im confused. Will we have new content or not?



In Alpha, there only were 3 or 4 maps available (not sure). BUT, in the Beta, PC will get all twelve non-defend maps that will be shipped with the game.