How do I get those baseball bats for a badge?


The ones that are under the crossed bones. Anyone know what I have to do?


Boopy doop! Anyone?


Can you post a picture? Im drawing a blank :confused:


I’ll love you forever.


No clue but I would kill for that badge


Not sure, but if you cant seem to get it through the game then maybe you unlock it through the companion app on phones. again, not sure, but i think there are exclusive badges in there.


Bah. Me is a sad panda…


Oh wow i almost completely forgot i was doing stuff and things here.
Now, i forget, which character gives out the crossed bone starter badge thing?


No clue. I only ever play assault.

Parnell and did a few matches with Torvald.


Ok ok, i do believe you get them from playing Slim, and im like 95% sure that slim is the owner of said bone badges, so following that theory, eliting slim could unlock them


B-b-b-b-b-but… I play assault… :cry:




If we were still friends I would tell you how I got them. You don’t like me anymore though. :frowning:



Let’s not.



I honestly don’t know how I got it. After the update I just had it.

You know all I play is monster though, so it could be monster related.


The other poster said it was Slim. I’m inclined to believe it since my medic has some of them and I know you used to play medic when we played. Have you been playing him at all?


No. I only have behemoth. I’m not buying those overpriced hunters.