How do I get Purple/Blue glowing hands for Behemoth?


Like in this video. It looks sooooooooooo freakin’ awesome!


Its an evac thingy for winning on Mines or Foundry, I don’t remember :confused:


What @Quirkly said, It is on Broken Hill Foundry (like 80% sure that is it.) and the monster gets increased melee attack power.

EDIT : It has to be, Broken Hill Mine’s monster effects is tremors.


What!? I want to look fabulous like that in every game! I was even looking for it in the store. :cry: @DamJess nod nod hint hint.

Please make me fabulous.


I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is cosmic Behemoth


He is a true Sonic now.
If only the purple trail would be there when he rolls.


That is actually a really, really awesome idea. Different colors for hand glows for all Monsters. They disappear when sneaking, just like this.

Devs… :smiley:


Its the burning hands effect for broken hill and a few other places and increases your melee attack damage