How do i get on the leaderboards?


How do I get on a certain characters leaderboard? Im only on goliaths and Markovs for some reason, although i have barely played Markov at all.



Go the Profile menu, choose the class and go left or right to see their statistics.
I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.


No im aware of that. What i mean isi can only see my name on two leaderboards, goliath and Markov. If i go on elder kraken (my 2nd main) or behemoth it only shoes the top players, but not my name anywhere on the list. why?


Leaderboards have been broken for many characters for months now. They won’t record your wins at all. The devs have confirmed a fix with TU9.


ok thx :slight_smile:


Yup no problem. :slight_smile:


The Leaderboards are very buggy it didnt update the wins if u won a match only W/L and Deaths counts. If u have play maybe Gorgon the first time u didnt will get on the Leaderboards because of this Bug. That bug really sucks cant wait that this Bug get fixed on TU9

Sry for my Bad english ^^


With the fix I believe any wins you got will be properly displayed so just keep winning. They should show up when the update comes.

I’m worried I lost my place on the leaderboards with Val… Lol


I’m surprised nobody came in here all like…

“How do I get on the Leaderboards?”

“Ya Git Gud!”

You disappoint me Forum!

But on a serious note just keep doing your thing and eventually your stuff will pop up on the boards. Either by TRS fixing it or by some freaky voodoo magic.


This is against the rules, :wink:

People also reply to the OP and not the title, so the problem is that the OP wanted to know why they weren’t on the leaderboard for playing a game, when if you win 1 game you show up on the LB but have a large rank like 5,863.


Tis why I said “On a serious note…”