How do I get a game of hunt as Monster?


I am playing Evolve about 3 weeks, obviously I like the game a lot because it takes a lot of patience, The mode I like is HUNT, I want to play as monster and get better at playing as goliath, I get destroyed everytime I have goliath because I dont get the option to think ( I will try this next time ), I go to quick play and I get defend or arena along with an odd hunt, There is the match making mode that allows me to choose hunt but it take so long to find anything the function may as well not exist, taking about half hour on average to find a game, its insane for a game that has so much of a learning curve. Its killing the game for me, and playing with bots isnt the same as actual people, got used to bots because I have such a hard time getting online games,

I can play with my bro online but that means if I am hunter the Bots are complete idiots, they go for the monster anywhere then I its the gorgon he uses I spend my time pretty much babysitting chasing the spiders around to save team mates, eventually they die and im frustrated and screwed at the same time.

It would be nice if there was a one on one mode, give lennox a dome and a drone and put her in “sudden death mode” to make it more even of a match,

Anyone got any suggestions on what I can do to get a game of hunt? If i get destroyed fair enough but play enough and the tables start to turn if i can get enough games and learn the maps and tactics.

I am playing on PC at the moment, I dont want to have to settle for Xbox as I have the game there to, Thanks for reading my rant. :slightly_smiling: lol


I’m sure you can ask some of the peeps on this forum to help set up a custom match and play with them.

They’re pretty friendly about it.


yea its a matter of getting there, I was playing with a couple the other day, I suck on a team and them being more experienced by maybe a year i was just easy pickings, guys a good ten levels ahead.
What I need I guess is a few noobs to learn with, as they progress and get better i do also, but there definetly isnt any new blood coming into the game at a strong enough pace, Played with a guy last week, havent played many games online since, then earlier the very same guy I was playing with and in quick game mode, If i leave a game in quick play i give it a minute or two then the game re-adds me to the same game i just left, Is there really so few people playing on pc or is this got something to do with servers do you reckon?


The latter if I had to guess. Servers and all that stuff are way above my paygrade.

On the topic of being the least valuable player, when it comes to learning team-based games, that kinda thing will happen. It’s all a learning process.


If you’re looking for a group, there’s a whole section of the forums dedicated to that. :slightly_smiling: I hear you about public matchmaking though. Oftentimes in Hunt I get paired with the same players repeatedly over several games. While I don’t claim to be an expert, often matchmaking in games these days is narrowed by what region you’re part of (e.g. US East Coast, US West Coast, Europe, Asia, etc.) and if there’s too few people in your region playing, the game takes a while before it expands your search, if at all. It’s to prevent lag, of course, but IMHO what’s the point of filtering matches for lag if it prevents you from playing at all?

That’s my two cents. Whether they’re worth anything I’ll leave up to you to decide. :wink:


yea thats true, there should be atleast a strong player base before you begin worrying about lag, internet connections are coming along and pc lag is very little in comparison to ps3, It frustrates the life out of me that I cant get a game of noob I would prefer, well because Im a noob and you learn from eachothers mistakes a bit like you might in black ops two, it would be a really enjoyable game, I regret not getting it when the game was new, at present it takes ages to get a game and when i do i get screwed because I dont know the maps as in hiding spot high and low, and its not as simple as gta, you need to learn strategies that will work for you in certain maps and certain situations,

At present the game largely support the present player base but does little to entice new players to join the game which is unfortunate. if you are used to simple games like COD and GTAV this game is almost like an actual spot lol


have a staring constest with wraith or go on your phone 2 pass the time


What you need is 1 vet player and the rest to be noobs. This way you will get taught quickly and you won’t be left behind.


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