How do I fight Lennox?


Everyone else is saying Lennox is very balanced, but I always get wrecked by her. Can someone tell me what the best way to fight her is? I know you shouldnt ignore her, and should smack her sometimes so she cant use her plasma lance, but I still always take tons of damage, even when I am focusing her.


Make her use up her jetpack is the best bet. If she can’t keep in range of you she’s not going to be doing damage :smiley:


The thing I do against her is pay attention to whether or not she’s using her plasma lance, if she is, you slap her or run away. Also look out for her trying to jump back into the fray. Break line of sight with thick walls if you’re trying to mitigate damage. Her Autocannon can hurt pretty bad if the Lennox is accurate. Remember that all assaults are only scary if they have shield ready. As soon as they pop the shield, leave them alone. Good assaults will try to save their shield for as long as they can. What that guy said is also good :arrow_up:


What if Im Behemoth though? Its pretty much impossible to escape in that situation.


I played Lennox yesterday for the 1st time and god she is good I can imagine that a lot of Monster players don’t like her.


Then focus her down. If you keep attacking her, then her Lance won’t be doing much, and and rest of the team won’t be able to do as much damage to make up for the fact that their assault is down.

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I personally, regardless of monster or comp, put pressure on the assault early. It stops them from dealing mega damage and makes them pop their shield. Once that shield is dead it’s the perfect opportunity to take them out of the equation. Plenty of decent teams will make this impossible but unlike taking on someone like Hyde who can just keep punishing you for being up close, Lennox really doesn’t like being fought head on, ironically.

Edit: I lose a lot too though :wink:


How? Sorry for my stupid question but I am playing Pub games only and would really like to know how real pro like teams deal with that kind of strategy.


positioning/dodging/pressure/medic support beeing on theire game


use a lot of high ground and male sure to pimp slap her every once in a while.

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Hello, outside of Monster, I main Lennox.

Some things to remember:

Lennox is best against Behemoth, then Goliath, Then Kraken, and finally Wraith, A decent wraith can mitigate so much of her damage by simply being too kitey and slippery.

Lennox punishes monsters who don’t pay attention to her*

Lennox has a great utility with her Thunderstrike, I can dodge your attacks AND close in on you to deal damage in one move. Pay attention to when and where Lennox has used it, and time your skills in between her strikes.

Pay SEVERE attention to her plasma lance chain, her first strike is the fastest, consecutive hits are slower but deal more damage. Break the chain.

Her AA gun has amazing range and damage, hits as far as Markovs AR but does more damage. Remember your lines of sight.

In all the times that I have played Lennox, the monsters who give me the hardest times are the ones who are either slippery enough that I can’t get a few 4X damages on, or are the ones who have broken my logistics backbone (My Team)

Good Luck.


Taking the climb speed perk will help Behemoth be able to put some distance from assault, it also makes the hunters use more jetpack to get to you so you can be waiting with an attack ready. They won’t be able to get away from it.


Dig your grave for her and just let her do the rest


just punch her every few seconds


I honestly don’t mind a Lennox when using Behemoth.

Your over aggressive nature will be the death of you but if you want to keep going let’s have at it.


I find Behemoth with rock wall to be super effective at killing off Lennox.

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