How do i escape the dome as trapper?

i have seen others escape the dome as a trapper so is there a certain list of steps to do this?

It’s a glitch/exploit. It’s not meant to happen.


Only doable with the teleportors found after winning in a certain map in Evac mode.

No, I’m pretty dure there are other ways, I since players using orbital strike to get out or they even jetpack out.

A guy almost won us a round cause he was able to escape the dome 3 times!
It’s not meant to happen, but it is funny when it does. :smiley:

Find a high spot, trigger the dome and jetpack burst as far back as you can. After a bit of practice you should land just outside the dome.

@MacMan If it’s not meant to happen, what’s to stop Sunny from JetPack-Boosting the Trapper out of his own dome…?

Nothing at all, because guess what? That sounds like a TACTIC. Brilliant way to dome a monster in nest and proceed to mash at some eggs. A well executed play deserve a likewise reward.

So if someone finds a spot on Dam for players to fly up to and avoid retaliation from the monster, then anyone who manages to fly up there should be justly rewarded?

Sounds like an unbalanced tactic.

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Nope. The whole point of the dome is to trap the monster to take him down. The balance is that you are also stuck inside.

This is not a tactic, it’s an exploit.


It’s actually pretty simple to pull off. You just have make sure the Monster isn’t too close to you and not too far away. Throw the arena and boost backwards about three times and you’re out.

Anyone who doesn’t think that the following are exploits are only deluding themselves.

  • Goliath’s ‘Slam Dunk’
  • Goliath’s less obvious ‘slam dunk’
  • Goliath’s speed glitch
  • Goiath’s traversal glitch
  • Kraken’s traversal glitch
  • Wraith abducting through walls
  • Wraith’s ability to knock bodies off the map
  • Dam Relay Exploit
  • Orbital Drill Relay Exploit
  • Dam Map Exploit
  • Aviery Map Exploit
  • Intentional Dome Escaping

There are actually quite a few map exploits so I’ll just summarize with map exploits in general. There is a difference between ‘clever use of game mechanics’ and exploiting.