How do I dodge Lightning Strike


This is kind of embarassing, but recently I have found myself being unable to dodge any LS targeted at me. Not even a double dodge is enough to get me out of that radius as it just keeps following me. Seriously, how do I get out of it?


The animation is smaller than the area the damage covers. This should be fixed in the TU, I believe :slight_smile: You’re not doing anything wrong, you just can’t see the actual radius of the ability.


Didn’t the visual artists change the visuals in the MP? I mean, the red Lightning’s visual got bigger too (and is kinda hard to dodge as well).


I’m in the same boat. I find that structures such as trees, trucks and corners help a lot. But when you’re out in the open, forget it.


Working on a video for this specifically. Its difficult. You dont dodge with jetpack. You dodge with terrain.


The only way I can do it is by ducking behind pillars and stuff, otherwise I can triple dodge and still get hit.


When fighting a Kraken, use your Jetpack as less as possible. This way you can dodge behind terrain.


I have the most luck dodging towards the Kraken but that opens up other problems.

But yeah others have said good advice. Try to use anything that will make it difficult to control the lightning like any tall terrain.


I’m looking forward to seeing that video, as right now I can only seem to dodge it if I get the player to think I am heading in one direction and then dodge the opposite way at the last second. It’s pretty much just up to luck. Btw, really enjoying the boot camp series.


The only way I do it regularly is if I can time it, which is difficult in combat. Wait for the ability to be almost done, then dodge. It doesn’t give them enough time to twitch it to your new location and it just goes off without damaging anything. EK’s is actually a good bit easier, though not actually “easy” by any standard because it’s still pretty quick. The second you see the animation begin, move away from the big red orb. If you can’t see it, then go forward.


First- NEVER be embarrassed asking for help.

Second- the SINGLE best thing you can do to get better at dodging lightning strike, is set up practice drills. Seriously- Its amazing how much this simple thing can help you improve your overall game. In a very short amount of time to boot. After all, youll be doin the same thing over and over, 30 minutes of drill practice will give you as much experience as literal HOURS upon HOURS of what youd get in game.

The problem with practicing over a normal match, is youre practicing EVERYTHING over a normal match. Its hard to focus on one specific thing, when youre doing ALL things. You want to get better at something specific? Isolate that something- and practice against it.

I got amazingly frustrated with the changes to LS when the buffed it. Combined with the speed, the radius increase, and the cast time decrease, it was brutal.

Until I had a buddy (Sky, an amazing monster player. Hes known for goliath but hes no slouch on any of the others) do practice drills with me in some customs. We set the match rules up to be appropriate (Balance, respawn time, length, etc), had him go out and evolve, engaged, had him wipe the rest of the team- I stayed on medic (So i could top myself off), and we just practiced. Nothing but lightning strike after lightning strike after lightning strike.

This allowed me to concentrate fully on the lightning strike, and really get the timing down. He was coming at me with them from all angles as well- Not just spawning it on me and then chasing me. In front, to the side, and of course from my blind spots. It also serves as practice for the monster hunter- So its Win/Win if you know someone who LIKES to play monster and wants to practice themselves.

Even with 3 points now, ON ITS OWN (euro/us latency issues aside), i find LS to be tough- but pretty darn fair to dodge.

As for actually dodging a lightning strike- I can offer a few things that worked for ME once I began consciously thinking about them. Your mileage may vary, and there are of course OTHER ways to go about this- But these few things i found to be “simple” enough that Im able to reliably “think” about them in the midst of an ACTUAL engagement in the game, and get good results.

First thing is just shear (har) awareness. Learn to recognize the kraken lightning strike animation- Its SUPER obvious when he begins to curl his tentacles above his head. Youll have a VERY brief window here to see him doing it, and find WHERE hes putting that lightning strike down to chase you. It might be on top of you. It might be behind you. Find it, and plan which way to dodge.

Second- And again, this is probably just ME, but I make a conscious effort to dodge forward. Flip the camera the direction you need to dodge, hold forward, and dodge. Most abilities im comfortable with dodging while strafing, or going backwards- But for whatever reason- This works best for me. Consciously doing this actually is what had the BIGGEST improvement on dodging LS.

Third, and final, is the timing. Heres the thing about lightning strike- With the radius it hits, its cast time, and the speed at which kraken can move it, he can hit something up to a bit over 20 meters away from the point of casting. Thats 20 meters in 1 and a half seconds- Thats HUGE. You for comparison, only dodge about 12-14 meters (depending on terrain/elevation changes) in about 1 second with a single notch of fuel. So the trick is to dodge away from the LS, at the LAST possible god damn moment. Unlike MOST abilities where the sooner you dodge the better, if you dodge too soon kraken has PLENTY of time to readjust and still hit you. Lame.

So what i found worked best was counting about 1 second from the moment he begins his lightning strike. Knowing exactly WHEN he started the LS is vital. You either NEED to see the bubble from the start, or physically see his cast animation. THATS when I aim to dodge. Done right, youll dodge LS every. Single. time. But due to the speeds you dodge at (especially now because of how jetpacks zero your momentum before boosting), and the speeds at which LS can move- You literally only have a couple of meters (when the ability is at 3 points) to safely dodge.

The technical nitty gritty:

Lighting strike moves about 10 meters per second. at 3 points i believe its up to 7 meters radius. If you dodge after 1 second, even if its PIN POINT on you, youll be a minimum of 12 meters away. In half a second, kraken can readjust it to be 5 meters closer, and that 7 meter radius covers the 12- But as long as you keep moving forward as WELL for half a second, at a base ground speed of 5.5 meters per second, youll LITERALLY be, a couple of meters away. This is a VERY small margin of error. And this is why its so difficult to dodge.

Learning that timing is the final big “trick” to dodging it.

Now of course- This is all for lightning strike, in and of itself. BY ITSELF, i find LS an amazingly tough, but VERY fair ability to dodge. Its when krakens overlay the lightning strike to go off while the hunter is still tumble locked from a banshee mine- Which tumbles you even IF its shot, that i find LS impossible to dodge. because it literally is at that point.

Happy hunting.


Don’t stand in an open field during a storm. #foryourhealth


Easy. Run forward and keep running in that direction, then the second you see the lightning strike by you just dodge backwards. It only takes one boost and it takes timing. If you’re in a rush and the LS is unexpected just dodge towards the kraken. Game physics show he has a harder time pulling his LS towards himself than any other direction.

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Or under trees. #LegitLightningAdvice


I think what makes the LS hard to dodge apart from the hit box being dodgy is Kraken can corner you in with banshee mines,snowballs then maybe vortex you then LS from behind you,i’ve said before he’s to OP even after the macro patch his abilities needs a much longer cooldown timer or damage reduction either or but i’m hardly on Evolve now so yeah


I think its great your making a video on how to dodge lightning for hunters out there. New people don’t get how to dodge or use their jetpack effectively in battle and out of. I think it would be awesome to have some tips and tactics for each monster on dodging and “kiting” as we call it. Terrain is always the best life saver for a hunter besides a shield. It gets pretty in depth on how to survive as a team. People have already mentioned in other blogs to save jetpack until battle or for terraining over large gaps. Assault is the exception he can use jetpack in domes to keep on monsters butt and apply pressure and damage until his shield is used and he is on the defensive now. Other hunters need to save jet pack because a good monster will change focus on targets in the blink of an eye. Lets say you have two jet bursts in the dome. Monsters will melee you until you burn your jetpack and your downed with a wammee three combo ability with a pounce somewhere in there. Medic can heal through melees if they are doing their job. Your job is to use jet burts to dodge big abilities and if support is defensive they can help with one of those big abilities with their shield. Trapper helps people getting focused from the melees with their cc and some big abilities if timed right. Hunters can run around objects to avoid the slap melees and jet burst when you see the big ability. Running around objects is great to “kite” the Goliath. when you have low jet pack use the half of jet burst to go up a cliff. monster has to follow or try to use an ability thats when the mind games come in. You can fake going all the way up by dropping back down when halfway up the cliff or a good harpoon will keep him below you. Pillars save lives. You have a height advantage and can run around them. The biggest problem is new people running away from the monster and also their teammates. This equates to a quick down you are not outrunning monsters. You can outmaneuver around tight corners though. Use a burst to keep los with your teammates if you get knocked away. They can save you and then they wont have to burn jetpack to come to you. Hope this makes sense and might help some becomming a better hunter.


The best way to avoid abilities is los. Besises bobs fissure which goes through objects and elders death spiral use the pillars, trees, and buildings to block abilities. When up high on cliffs as a medic or support you will still get hit with abilites if your by the edge so get back if they are aiming at you. Be ready for the order people use abilities like bobs starting a combo with tongue then fissure. Make him miss the tongue by hiding most of your body behind something and also for ex the abduct from wraith. If your support medic dont stand fully exposed on a ledge to get hit by any ability. get back out of vision or if you are on the ground get behind something to block his vision. The environment is your friend if used properly.